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A Home Adorned in Sentiment and Love for Antiques

By Tunajina Islam

A home adorned in memories and timeless pieces; sentiments of loved ones and remarkable times is where one might find a Fabulous House. With a touch of antique and traditional aesthetics, blended into a modern theme, the house triggers a feeling of nostalgia and calm. Today we trail through the hallways and different segments of the couple’s, Mr. Tuomo Poutiainen, Country Director ILO of United Nations and Mrs. Tanzila Shahid, Manager HR and Finance of Andritz Hydro, home in the bustling streets of Gulshan 2. This fabulous house of theirs was built with passion for décor and taste in antiquity.

A Theme of Rustic and Floral

What drew their heart towards this home is the character it has. The house almost tells a story through the wooden floors and rustic cabinets. One of the most intriguing parts of the home is the 700 year old antique wall originally collected from a Hindu village. Its wooden color gives it a traditional touch and the carved patterns take you back to ancient times. If you look close enough, you’ll catch a glimpse of carved Bengali writing that adds even more wonder to the story behind the wall.

The loving couple opted for a rather vintage theme to their home. As we journey from room to room, we take note of the off-white color scheme and wooden furniture. These two colors and textures create an aesthetic blend of modern and traditional. Another interesting motif we adored was the floral theme encompassing the house. We see subtle floral patterns along the walls, the furniture and garlands of colorful flowers decorating cabinets. Ms. Tanzila says what a refreshing feeling the flowers give her in this busy city. The pop of color they add along with their natural scent allows for a touch of nature within a home. Other ways she adds a pop of color is through vivid colorful paintings and pictures of their memorable travels.

Living Room with Character

This 700 year old wall stands grandly in the living room where we see tones of beige in the sofas, the standing lamps, and even the curtains. This beige tone plays beautifully with the archaic wooden theme, and compliments the opposing brick wall. The large brick wall that covers half of the living room is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Its raw texture gives you a feel of nature and earthliness.

The wall stands elegantly behind a wooden bookshelf that shows off the homeowners love for literature and creativity. A gorgeous coffee table is spotted in the middle of the living room that was bought by the couple from Cambodia. Adorned with classy show pieces, the table truly brings the room together. The living room also gives off a splash of vibrant colors which we can notice in the whimsical single couches and throw pillows. This element brings life to the room while contrasting the monotone theme.

Casual Lounging Room 

Apart from the main living area where guests gather for a good time, we find a smaller lounging area with a comfortable beige couch and wooden coffee table, again, falling flawlessly into theme. This antique table was a gift to Ms. Tanzila by her mother before she moved out, and that’s why Ms. Tanzila talks so fondly of this sentimental possession. Apart from its emotional value, it surely adds elegance to the room. To add a zing of color to the space, she added a few colorful throw pillows and set a vase of beautiful flowers in the center of the table. They love to spend time together here binging, talking and lounging away on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Balconies of Gorgeous Greenery

When you’re looking for a break and just to find some peace of mind, the balcony is usually your first go-to. The two spouses also find their open balcony as a little getaway when they want to chit-chat, relax and have a cup of tea. Their bigger balcony has long stringing vines, gracefully falling into the balcony view. The glass railing is lined with fresh, vibrant plants. And while standing and the edge, you overlook a plethora of gardens, trees and majestic nature. Nothing but serenity fills your nerves when entering this vicinity.

While the other balcony may be smaller, it certainly is not any less than breathtaking. It also overlooks wonderful greenery and is a perfect spot to get a breath of fresh air. Both balcony gardens are taken extra care of by Ms. Tanzila and her gardener. We can see that Mother Nature is valued dearly by the couple as they utilize every open space with it.

Fine Dining & Modern Kitchen

When we talk about fine dining, this homeowners’ dining space is a perfect example of it. Heading into the wooden floored space, we catch sight of a spiral hanging chandelier that unifies with the traditional wooden theme. The dining table, designed meticulously by an architect, consists of chairs and one bench. When looking back at ancient times, benches were more common for dining, so this element hits the vintage aesthetic right on the nail. A theme of warm lamps are also seen across the room that set a soothing tone to the area. A fine wooden cabinet sits in the dining space where you’ll find a gorgeous collection of tableware and unique glass bottles. 

Across the dining space, we head on over to the open kitchen. Here, the couple likes to spend their times having drinks, snacks and chats on the kitchen counter. The open kitchen gives a feeling of togetherness where the couple can enjoy cooking and conversations side by side. The kitchen is also decorated with soft floral patterns on the counter, and colorful floral motifs on the vases and plates that sit in front of a calming pastel green wall. 

Minimalist Master Bedroom

Being in a spacious, and clutter-free space is essential to both of the residents. So they opted for a minimal master bedroom that they can feel easy and relaxed in, and make it their comfortable little sanctuary. With a wide open floor made of wooden texture, they chose beige walls and curtains to complement the timber color. A bed lays next to the large windows through which you have a beautiful view of the outside scenery. Sunlight and air peeks through the windows on both sides that illuminates the room with a fresh feeling. The light shines on a simple wooden cabinet and bedside table that sit neatly and clutter-free.

Opposite the bed and cabinet, a low shelf and TV is placed with a rectangular picture frame of flowers hovering above it. You can notice the green pastel theme again in this room thanks to the lamp and vase set, placed carefully on the TV shelf. Right next to that, a little dressing table is seen where Ms. Tanzila gets dolled up and ready with all her essentials in one place. While the room is kept minimal, you can still see elements of sentiment. On the dresser mirror a loving picture of the two is placed and kept dearly as a memorable flashback. Cherished antique pieces like clocks and vases also add to the sentiment of the room.

The Man Cave

The second bedroom was utilized as a man cave for Mr. Tuomo where he recharges and de-stresses. This is his hub for personal time where he spends his hours working out, reading a book in the rocking chair and playing the guitar to pass the time. This rocking chair holds great sentimental value to Mr. Tuomo as he bought this unique piece when he was merely a student in England.

This hub of his also encompasses a creative wall-shelf and desk. The shelves create a fun visual of curved outlines where you will find books, lamps, and picture frames. The design is minimalistic yet creates much visual appeal. This space is Mr. Tuomo’s personal home office, which is much needed especially in these current times.

From traditional to modern, the home of this lovely couple inspires both ideals and beautifully blends them together to create the perfect home. Their love and sentiment is visibly shown throughout their home with loving pictures and treasured possessions that give the home warmth. And as we have learnt from the happy couple, a house with sentiment is not just a house, it’s a home.


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