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A Cozy Home of An Artistic Soul

by Tasnim Jarin

A home is where family lives, where memories framed together with old and new ones; in other words where love dwells. This time we are covering the story of Sonia Rashid Rafty’s home which is located at Uttara in Dhaka. Sonia Rashid Rafty, the owner of the house is a house maker and as well as a working mom. She is carrying out both the role with much care and positivity that you will understand once you get a chance to visit her precious home.

Bright colors to brighten up your rooms and lives.

Sonia Rashid Rafty and her husband recently shifted to this new house which they call as their ‘Dream Home’. This beautiful house has an another special member, who is just four months old and is named as Nuraz Ruzaif, the son of Sonia Rashid Rafty and Nahyan Asif Momen.
The best part about this house is the well planned interior look and the placement of furniture around the house. Soothing and calmness are the two basic factors that beautifies the house from inside and out. For interior planning, the owner did not depend on any interior designer or planner, rather she has decorated each and every single corner of the house in her own way. The most interesting part of the house is all the customized furniture that have been designed by the owner herself. Her preference always is to bring a unique look in terms of paints, design and placement of the furniture’s in a very specific way. Thus, from sofa to tea table everything has been decorated through customized fabrics and colors to keep her individuality alive.

A cozy living room sofa by the window to put your feet up and enjoy a book.

Starting from the living Space to the bed room, she has chosen different theme for each room and kept it quite unique. The design of the living space shares a kind of bright and motivational feeling to start the day with freshness and positivity. For this room the owner selects the combination of yellow and turquoise to bring brightness and positivity to start a day.

Your walls should be a representation of your inner artist.

Thus, not only the sofa, she has even decorated the room with contrast floor mate and with few photo frames and souvenir plates that has been collected from different countries that she has been visited throughout the time. To keep the memories alive and cheerful all the time, she has brought all those souvenirs from different corner of the world.

Beside this living space there is a greenish balcony having a touch of yellow and zebra print look tea table in the middle of the room. This greenish look comes through the fake grass that has been used as a mate on the floor, and in contrast the zebra printed fabric tea table doubles the beauty of the front end balcony. Not only that, to mark the place a bit livelier and more spontaneous, the balcony has been designed with colorful fairy lights to keep the party mood on from evening till night. To paint the house Sonia Rashid Rafty chooses the whitish theme. She has used Berger paint’s white shade to maintain the beautiful look intact.  

Dining tables are where conversations happen and memories are made.

For Dinning space, black and golden based theme seems to be her preference. We have seen few authentic wooden furniture which is based on Sagun wood and designed in a completely unique way by collaborating with velvet fabric and floral print. This place is specially designed to keep formal and casual both texture alive.

Make your walls an exhibition of your precious memories.

Adding to that there is this special wall in the dinning space where four beautiful photo frames are hanging beneath a yellowish focus light. This wall tells the story of three generations molded in black and white theme. To the owner, this specific wall or the corner reminds them their bonding and love for each other; specifically shares a family touch immediately after entering into the house.

For bedroom design, Rafty’s thought was to give it a black and white look, which is quiet unusual for any home décor. The walls are painted in white theme and from furniture to curtains, the rest of the stuffs get a black and white combination respectively.

Embrace the black and white color combination for bedrooms.

Among with the three bedrooms, there is a recreational room which is specially designed for indoor sports and library. This room is specifically designed for those who wants to spend some quality time by reading books or playing intellectual games like chess.

Rattan coffee table set feels cozy and it is also easy to maintain.

Also, throughout the house different walls and the corners are decorated with beautiful Quote Boards and Paintings which shares a lively atmosphere inside the house. To give some positive influence and spacious look Mirrors have been placed in different corner of the house.  

A mirror and a showcase with pictures in the hallway adds a classy flavor to your home.
A mirror and a showcase with pictures in the hallway adds a classy flavor to your home.

The cutest thing about the house is the Baby room, which is specially designed for her four months old handsome boy Nuraz Ruzaif. Here you will find all the cute stuffs with which Ruzaif is going to play as soon as he grows up.

A Picture-Perfect Family

Thus, not only for this Baby room, rather for all room Sonia Rashid Rafty’s first and most priority is comfortability and simplicity. So, on the basis of these two points she has organized the interior of the house to make it feel like her sweet home.



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    So elegant and beautifully home decoration. These wall says that money can buy happines.

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