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A Budget-Friendly Utopia

By Raihan Mahmood

We usually have this concept that our dream houses would cost us a fortune. But what if I told you that you could turn any home into your version of paradise even with the smallest of budgets? That’s Right! Mrs. Nazia Sultana Naaf has transformed her little house into an astonishing paradise by only using creativity, craft, and an incredible sense of aesthetics. 

Along with her husband, Mr. Enamul Hoque, she decorated their house at Ishawrdi with limited resources and unlimited imagination. It turns out that this budget dream house is nothing short of an artistic marvel that will mesmerize you with all its charms.  

DIY At Its Finest 

Mrs. Nazia Sultana’s house at Ishwardi can be considered the pinnacle of DIY crafts. Every piece of furniture in her house is handpicked and created to manifest her artistic excellence. Mrs. Nazia Sultana says, “Since our house has only two rooms, we tried to decorate our home in the most minimalistic way by using only light and small furniture.” For sure, Mrs. Nazia Sultana Naaf is a master of DIY crafts. She has transformed small and low-cost furniture into stunning-looking art pieces that look priceless.  

A Designed Chair

Mrs. Nazia Sultana turned an ordinary plastic chair into this wonderfully decorated chair by using her painting skills. A colorful crochet mat and a comfy pillow give this chair a sublime look. 

Wall Grid

The concept of this wall grid is quite interesting. Mrs. Nazia Sultana took the body of the wall grid from a steel hanger and colored it with spray paint. She adored the grid with a macrame rope, cardboard cutting, and indoor plants. This wall grid is a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

A Floating Shelf

This wonderful floating shelf in the bedroom was a creation of Mrs. Nazia Sultana’s husband, Mr. Enamul Hoque. He took a piece of wood and shaped it to a size of a shelf. After wall-mounting it, Mrs. Nazia Sultana used her painting, an indoor plant, and various forms of art pieces to decorate this shelf. 

An Artificial Arch

This arch is a perfect example of DIY by Mrs. Nazia Sultana. She used some colored paper to make this arch. The floating shelf on top of the arch contains several art pieces, including a wicker bag, giving it a bohemian pattern.

A Unique Tea Table

Mrs. Nazia Sultana can turn ordinary-looking objects into functional furniture. Here, she took an old trunk and enamel painted it with an attractive yellow color. The result? She now uses this trunk as her version of a unique-looking tea table. 

Beautiful Homemade Curtain 

Mrs. Nazia Sultana adorned the living room window with these amazing-looking curtains. Best part? She made those all by herself. She took an old Jamdani saree and transformed it into these stunning curtains that complement the vividness of the living room.

Magistic Diy Chandelier 

The main component of this magnificent-looking chandelier was a fish trap. Mrs. Nazia Sultana used a little varnish and then added some macrame rope for decoration. And, there you go! A beautiful DIY chandelier made of a fish trap. 

A Bedroom Corner For The Nature 

Mrs. Nazia Sultana always wanted to have a natural touch in her bedroom.  That’s why she decorated a portion of her room with various types of beautiful-looking indoor plants. 

Those plants give the whole bedroom a refreshing vibe. Not only in one corner, but she has also placed some beautiful plants all over her house for decoration purposes.

The Beauty Of The Rattan And Cane Crafts

One of the most beautiful facts about this house is how Mrs. Nazia Sultana used various forms of rattan and cane products to decorate her house. These handicrafts completely changed the dynamics of the house. For attractive aesthetics or utilities, her usage of rattan and cane products is undoubtedly praiseworthy as it also represents the cultural heritage of Bangladesh.

The Mirror 

Mrs. Nazia Sultana always wanted to use lighter furniture in her bedroom. That’s why she chose a mirror that has frames made of cane. 

When A Mat Becomes An Art Piece

As a DIY expert, she turned a floor mat into an art piece that perfectly matches the style of the bedroom.

A Chair Made Of Cane

She knows which furniture suits the best for her living room. That’s why she bought this artistic chair from Sylhet. 

A Massive Mat

This huge mat gives a different persona to Mrs. Nazia Sultana’s bedroom. She outsourced this mat and added it to her collection of cane products.

A Basket Wall

The art pieces on this wall represent our cultural heritage. Mrs. Nazia Sultana bought a variety of buskets made of cane and bamboo. She painted these with her imagination and gave these ordinary baskets a sublime look. 

A Budget Efficient Pallet Bed

Pallet beds are usually costly, but Mrs. Nazia Sultana & Mr. Enamul Hoque had other ideas. They designed and made four pallets from the local carpenter. Then they combined all four pallets. A nice mattress, a beautiful cover, and that’s it! Their version of the pallet bed looks nothing less than a piece of luxurious antique furniture. 

A Tea corner For Refreshment 

This refreshing-looking tea corner is one of the fascinating aspects of Mrs. Nazia Sultana’s living room. Who doesn’t love gossiping with friends over a hot cup of tea? That’s why she decorated her tea space with a plethora of unique concepts. She bought an ordinary table for the tea corner and gave it a lively look by painting and designing. She used a fish garland and a cane mat for decoration. The floating shelf adds a different touch to this corner. 

Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Mrs. Nazia Sultana arranged low sitting areas in her living room that serve functionality and aesthetics. She says, “I wanted to make my living room comfortable for the guests. That’s why I made pallet sofas and lowered sitting corners.” She and her husband made this stunning-looking pallet sofa by themself. On top of the sofa, she placed a decorated tablecloth. For the lower sitting corner, she used a comfortable mattress and a patterned cloth. 

Paints & Paintings  

Mrs. Nazia Sultana has an amazing skill in painting, and she did not shy away from showing it. All over her house, you will see some lovely paintings hanging on the walls. She even used ordinary jute bags as her canvas, giving the painting a unique look.

The rich color contrast of these paintings uplifts the aesthetic persona of this house. 

She says, “I often try to use budget-friendly materials for decorating my home. That’s why I use Berger Acrylic Paint for all of my canvas paintings, as it is the most budget-friendly and reliable solution to my painting.” 

Lovely Crochets

Mrs. Nazia Sultana loves to decorate her living room with various forms of crochets, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

The vibrant colors of the crochet design give her living room a joyous vibe.

 From the pillows to the chair cover, you will see plenty of crochet designs in her living room, and you’ll surely love it. 

Dining Space 

Mrs. Nazia Sultana & Mr. Enamul Hoque’s dining space is small, but they efficiently made the best use of every corner of the dining space. The cane chairs, the sitting arrangements, and the decorations blended perfectly with the dining space. 

Mrs. Nazia Sultana & Mr. Enamul Hoque’s home is an inspiration for many people who want to make their dream home with a smaller budget. The creativity of Mrs. Nazia Sultana Naaf, along with her great DIY skills and an inspiring sense of craft, makes her house a palace of artistry.

According to her, a fabulous home means a peaceful home and doesn’t have to be an expensive one. After a long day of work, let your fabulous home be the place where you can relax and have the tranquility that you desire. 


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