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Upcycling Plastic Bottles- Trash to Treasure

By Tunajina Islam

Do you ever wonder what happens to all your plastic forks, straws and bottles? We use these materials excessively without even being aware of the damage it causes our planet- and ultimately us. There are better ways to put old plastic bottles to use instead of discarding them. Ways that’ll help you redecorate your house while saving big bucks, and that’ll help keep the environment clean. Because as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let’s take a look at these 6 eco-friendly simple crafts that you can use to add some zest to your home.

Decorative Flower Vases

You can never go wrong with pretty flower vases that can easily be placed in all corners and table tops. Bathroom shelves, bedside tables, or even on your desk, flower vases have a way of alleviating the ambience.

  1. Grab plastic bottles of your preferred size
  2. Remove all the labels and stickers
  3. Spray paint it in pretty pastel colors
  4. Add tassels, pearls or glitter to your liking
  5. Fill with water and vibrant flowers

Desk Storage Containers

When keeping a desk neat and tidy, storage is key. We have several desk essentials that we use every day and, sometimes, we find these things out of place and out of sight. Keeping them organized and properly stored helps reduce the hassle of misplaced items.

  1. Find small soda bottles
  2. Cut ¼ of the tops off
  3. Spray paint them in different colors
  4. Add decorative patterns, beads, tassels, etc.
  5. Label them accordingly

Crafty Snack Bowls

Impress your guests with crafty snack bowls that you can make yourself! You can save a few bucks on fancy bowls while also putting your creativity to use. This easy hack is a surefire way to make your snack time more aesthetic and Instagram-worthy.

  1. Find big plastic soda bottles
  2. Cut out the bottom quarter
  3. Use a hot iron to smooth out cuts and edges
  4. Decorate the outside as your liking

Phone Charging Basket

We all know the hassle of putting your phone on charge while having to leave your phone on the floor, or have an annoying wire trail that you might or might not trip over. This DIY is a life-changing hack that will rid you of your phone charging troubles.

  1. Cut the bottle into a basket shape
  2. Make sure to leave a handle
  3. Make a square cut-out in the handle
  4. Customize it with your own décor
  5. Plug in your charger through the handle, and voila!

Vertical Garden

Why have a basic garden when you could have a whimsical vertical garden. With plants and nature hanging along walls, you can turn any boring old space in your yard into a visually appealing spectacle. This DIY is perfect for your yard walls, or even along the outside walls of your house.

  1. Make a vertical cut-out in the middle of your bottles
  2. Peirce 2 opposite holes at the top and 2 at the bottom
  3. Place the bottle horizontally and pull a string through the holes on each side
  4. Fill up with dirt and seedlings
  5. Extend the line of bottles along the wall

Elegant light shades

Believe it or not, but upcycled plastic bottles make for gorgeous elegant lighting. You can easily turn old throwaways into light shades that completely transform your home. Don’t be afraid to customize this idea by adding perks of your own.

  1.  Cut out the top half of a bottle
  2. Tint it to your desired color or with frosted paint
  3. Place a hanging light bulb through it

We use plastic in huge amounts on a daily basis and risk the growth of our environment. The least we can do is turn those bottles into items of use, so as to keep them away from landfills and seas. Not only are we getting a fun kick out of creating DIY masterpieces, we’re also doing a part in saving the environment.


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