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Inspiration for Your Colorful DIY Pom Pom Crafts

By Tabassum Sayeka

Intending to take a turn for the better in your home? Whether your design aesthetic is boho-chic or modern-minimalist, you can step up your home decor game for holidays and special occasions with some cute, yarn pom-pom crafts that suits your style. The obvious place for a pom-poms is the top of a beanie or edges of a knitted throw, but really you can use them to dress up anything you like, from photo frames and wreaths to bookmarks and clocks!

When it comes to yarn crafts, we always have been and always will be massive fans of literally any technique. We’ve been crocheting since we were young kids and we love knitting so much that, to this day, we have a huge yarn stash in our crafting room. Because we’ve done those for so many years, we also learned how to make yarn pom-poms by hand many years ago and we adored that process, so we make them all the time. That’s why many people have been looking up so many pom-pom craft tutorials and inspiration blogs recently! Just in case you’re as interested as I was, if not more, in the idea of making things from homemade yarn pom-poms, here’s a little inspiration to get you started on your next pom-tastic project.

1. Wind chime

If you want to refresh yourself with the thought of making something new for your room, you definitely think of wind chimes, but they are so expensive and commercial these days.  We are here for the rescue! All you need is some wool and thread handy to make these easy pom-poms wind chimes, pom-poms look quirky enough. This one is basic, but you can attach shells, beads, bells and make it a little fancier. Take wool and start winding in around your first two fingers and wind at least 50 times and then tie it in the middle tightly. Cut the sides of the winding with scissors and trim the pom-pom to make a perfect circle. You can get creative and use multiple colored wool strings, to get a colorful pom-pom.

Tie the pom-pom with fish thread or transparent thread of different lengths and paste it to the sides of an unused cd with cellophane tape or you can make holes and tie them. If using an unused fancy bangle, tie them at regular intervals and keep the length according to the shape you want, and voila, it’s ready! 

2. Photo Frame

You can make your own pom-pom picture frame craft which is super easy to make and it is a fun and whimsical display for a treasured photograph. First, you’ll need to create your frame from your craft sticks. Place down two parallel craft sticks and overlap with two more craft sticks to create a square. Glue your four craft sticks together. While you’re waiting for your glue to dry, select the pom-poms that you want to use for your frame.

Line your pom-poms up along the crafts sticks and glue each one down. Press your pompom down to make sure it attaches to the craft sticks. Try to cover all the craft sticks so that you don’t have any gaps. You can put your pom-poms in a specific pattern or just add them in a random order. You could do a picture frame all in one color, two alternating colors, or whatever you like best. After all your glue is dry, choose the photo you want to display. You may need to cut off the edges off the photo to fit your frame. Flip the picture frame over and use your tape to attach the picture to your frame. Ta-da! It’s done!

3. Wall Garland

Have you been scrolling through our list so far and thinking about how, while many of these ideas where you embellish the pom-poms and combine them with other crafting techniques are cute, you’d really rather prefer to just keep making pom-poms because you find them so fun to create? Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore the way I made some wall garlands out of differently colored yarn pom-poms. This is a great way to use up yarn ends from your stash. This pom-pom wall hanging would be a fun communal pom-pom craft idea where you just need to make a few pom-poms then combine them to make an attractive wall hanging.

If mini pom-poms just aren’t cutting it for your decorating needs, why not make a giant pom-pom garland with some instructions. Each pom-pom uses a whole ball of yarn, and if you are in a rush it only takes about 10 minutes apparently. Longer to vacuum up all the fluff though!

4. Wreath

First of all, make a circular hoop from a piece of cardboard. Make beautiful and bright pom-poms. You can vary the size of the pom-poms. Stick these pom-poms onto the cardboard hoop. Make sure you do not leave any spaces in between. The cardboard hoop must be completely covered with the pom-poms. Now cut a red ribbon of the suitable length and round it around the wreath to hang it in place. Your beautiful pom-pom wreath is ready to serve as eye candy to your guests.

5. Lamp

When I started talking about “pom-pom crafts”, were you actually hoping to find inspiration for things made with crafting pom-poms rather than homemade yarn pom-poms because you’ve never been good at making them, even though you’re a big yarn crafter? Then I think perhaps you’d prefer something like this wonderfully crocheted lampshade cover that is simply embellished with pom-pom trim instead!

And if you are a fan of crocheting, this lampshade is an amazing idea for winter: it’s done in bold colors and decorated with pompoms, what can be cuter and more cheerful? This project suits any cylindrical object needing a makeover. How about making a pretty pencil holder by jazzing up a plain glass jar with a bit of granny stripe magic? Also, an old-fashioned floor lamp can be completely revamped with some spray paint and pompoms! Use as many colors as you want and attach pompoms to the edge to make the lamp cooler. Voila, you’ve got a bold winter lamp!

Pom-poms tick all the craft boxes. They are easy to make, use up leftover bits of yarn and make anything look fabulous! They are truly easy to make and make for befitting gifts and adornments for your beautiful home. So, let’s just dive into the world of pom-poms and get a taste of those luscious and fuzzy balls.


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