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Floral Home Décor for Newly Weds

By Tunajina Islam

There’s nothing more alluring than nature, and nothing easier to spruce up your special occasion with than flowers. The pure beauty of red roses, white lilies, or even yellow sunflowers can instantly illuminate a room with happy and vibrant feels. When the grand day comes along, we all want to commemorate it by decorating our homes in pretty colors and flowers. Let’s dive into some fun ideas on how to decorate each room of the house in light of a new marriage.

Floral Living Room

The star of the show is always the living room. This is where guests mainly gather for a chitchat and have a cup of tea. There are many ways we can turn a typical living room into one that has major wedding vibes. You can opt for a simpler floral décor by taking a bucket full of marigolds (genda phool) and stringing them one by one onto a long piece of thread. Then simply hang it from one end of the curtain to the other horizontally. Add a few vertically hanging pieces too.

Some people love a whole wall of flowers in their living room, so for this we have a simple DIY for a hanging flower wall that anyone can do. Pick out your favorite flowers and string them with a piece of thread. Make about 8 – 10 strings and hang them vertically against your living room wall. You can place this as a backdrop for your couches or against your curtains too. Don’t forget to add subtle flowers in the corners of your living room, on the coffee table, beside the TV stand and next to lamps.

The Main Entrance

The first impression is always a lasting one. When guests enter your house for the first time, you want to give them the wow factor so they instantly feel welcomed and excited to see the rest of the house. You’ll find that keeping flower vases on the steps in front of your door is also a neat décor tip that really livens up your home. You can even add your DIY genda phool necklaces around the vases to give it a more wedding feel.

As for entering the home, being warmly welcomed with the fresh smell of potpourri and gorgeous floral décor is what anyone needs. You can adorn the entrance cabinet with a bowl of water, mixed in with droplets of essential oils, and fresh rose petals. This will make your home smell absolutely divine while giving the perfect celebratory look.

Adorned Dining Table

Upon grand ceremonies such as weddings, we traditionally tend to have many dinner parties and soirees with the new in-laws. With this is mind, decorating up the dining table is a great way to make your home look more presentable and to spark up a fresh ambience for your lovely guests. With a few simple steps, you can create a gorgeous lay out for fine dining.

Setting the table with flower vases is a great way to add color. Pick vibrant flowers such as yellow sunflowers or pink lilies for a more welcoming look. Place these in a vase on both ends of the center of the table. A fun way to present the cutlery is to add a floral touch to the napkin. Simply place a medium-stemmed flower into the napkin holder. Or you can glue the head of the flower on the napkin ring as an easy DIY for floral napkin rings. Either way, you have yourself a fine set up. You can also add subtle candles to really spruce things up.

Decorating the Bashor Ghor

To commemorate the special wedding night, Bengali culture entails decorating the bed in florals where the bride and groom will spend their first night together. You can create a gorgeous flower headboard with just a few steps. Simply glue on fresh red roses and pink carnations onto a board that matches the width of the bed. Make sure every inch of the board is covered in flowers and vines, and place it directly on the head and foot of the bed.

A very common practice is to take mesh cloth and tie it to each corner of the bed, all converging to the top to create a hut-like appearance. Then, make sure to top it all off by scattering red rose petals on the bed and floor of the room. You can add buckets of petals and “phool er malas” in the center of the floor. This very simple DIY décor gives the Bashor Ghor the stunning look it deserves.

We all love the element of fresh flowers when it comes to occasions such as weddings. It marks the beginning of a new chapter and keeps the tradition of our ancestors alive. With these few ideas and simple DIYs, you too can get the perfect wedding look for your home. These crafts are also a fun way of putting your mind to work or getting the family together to create beautiful art and treasurable memories. So, what are you waiting for? Get crafting!


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