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Colorful shoe rack – Make your old shoe rack colorful

By Tabassum Sayeka

Shoes are notorious for tripping over in the hallway, especially if you’re the type to nonchalantly kick them off the moment you get through the front door. Which is why a smart and functional shoe rack can save on both family arguments and floor space. Even if you are not an avid collector of shoes, you will still need a small stand for your footwear. Of course, if you have footwear loving girls in the house, then things get more complicated fast! With that in mind, we have the best DIY shoe rack ideas lined up neatly for out craft-loving readers. Some are quirky, others trendy but you can rest assured that all of them are sturdy!

And it turns out, shoe racks are also a chance to exercise your creativity and crafting abilities. Flex those talented muscles and get ready to put your hands to work with these incredible DIY shoe rack ideas that will keep disorder at bay. 

Save Space with Hexagonal Shoe Racks

Hexagonal cubbies are not only gorgeous, but they also help you use every space available in a smarter way. Thus, hexagonal shoe racks are both clever and aesthetically pleasing. According to your wardrobe’s size and number of shoes, you can make as many hexagonal boxes as you need, and assemble them in any way you see convenient. If you want to revamp your existing hexagonal shoe racks, experiment and play with paints.  Go mad with colourful paints, Ombres, pastels, bright colours, magnetic paints, spray paints, metal paints, contrasting colours and anything to match your taste. You can use washi tape to make stripes or geometric patterns. No matter what you use, it is worth a try.

Wood, Metal and Do-It-Yourself Charm

When it comes to DIY shoe racks, we love the idea of bringing wood and metal together. It is such an elegant, natural and beautiful combination and for some reason, it never seems to fail even in modern entry rooms! Wood and metal shoe racks are easier to craft than you might imagine and you can get started with just a couple of wooden planks and metallic pipes. Of course, those who need more storage for their boots and additional space for coats and such can turn to the magic of wooden crates stacked ever so diligently.

Repurposed Paint Bucket Shoe Holders

You would love this idea of taking empty paint buckets and turning them into neat little holders for your shoes. You can attach them directly to the wall and put up as many as you need to hold your shoes. You can get several pairs of flip flops or flats into one can. These would be perfect for kid’s rooms just paint the colourful colours and hang them in the closet or even right there on their wall. 

A simple bench with wooden top, metallic legs and a few racks thrown into the mix can provide both space to store your boots and to seating as you put them on! You can even combine a curated mix of buckets with a wooden bench and racks in the entry while reclaimed wood and pipe shoe racks and organizers are a hot trend that you just should not miss this summer.

DIY Ladder Shoe Rack

There are many ways to store your shoes, but if you don’t want the old-fashion cabinets, you can have a different design. Every house has a ladder which hardly serves its purpose. You will be flabbergasted to know the ladder makeovers. Make a ladder shoe rack by adding a piece of wood slab on the top. Add in flower vases, showpieces or any other decor to make it a striking piece. Paint the ladder using a spray paint or metallic paint and let it dry. 

 Add old surface grates and use it as an organizer for storing books, clothes, flower pots, to hang in dishes, etc. If you think about it, ladders are great storage spaces for shoes since it’s open and it has enough steps for you to put your shoes. To add to that, if you have more shoes than the steps, you can always place extra wooden boards inside the old ladder. 

Rack by the Door and Flip Flop Hangers

Those old metal hangers that you have on hand are perfect for hanging up and organizing those flip flops and sandals. This is a great repurposing idea for metal hangers and it gives you so much room to organize those summer shoes. You need metal hangers and if you don’t have any on hand that you can use, they’re really cheap at the local Store. This is the perfect storage system for your DIY flip flops and sandals! The back of the door is usually a place that isn’t used. You would think that this is the worst possible place to hang your shoes, but it isn’t. In fact, if you have a walk-in closet, you can use the back of the door to hang all sorts of things. To make it sturdier, you can buy a metal door rack that you can attach to the door. Or you can also buy something that’s made of plastic. Usually, these plastic door racks have covers for your shoes to avoid them from gathering dust. 

Repurposed Wooden Crate Shoe Rack and Flat Shelf

Those old empty wooden crates can be put to really good use as a DIY shoe rack. If you don’t have any wooden crates, you can build them yourself or check your local thrift stores. They often have them for just a dollar or so each. Once you have a few, you just put them together to build this amazing shoe rack that will hold all of your shoes and do it in rustic farmhouse style.  

For your old flat shelf with no legs, add feet or legs to the shelf to give it a good height, which in turn adds style and elegance. Make sure to paint the legs to match the shelf colour. Apply fabric or wallpaper or tiles to the back of shelf using glue or mod podge. This for sure makes the shelf stand out as a great style statement. Or, add a vintage style by simply adding trim. You can also add a coat of colour of the sides and brighten up the look.


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