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Bringing life to old belongings

By Shayor Islam Anan

How many times have we looked at old junk and thought of throwing them away but decided to keep it because of nostalgia? A good way to utilize those old belongings would be crafting some DIY magic on them to keep using them. DIY simply implies that, rather than employing a professional to complete a task — or purchasing things from a store or an artisan — you choose to complete that activity or manufacture those products without the assistance of an expert. That doesn’t mean you can’t seek assistance from others – using a YouTube lesson, a book, or a blog article to acquire directions or get your project started qualifies as doing it yourself. DIY is essentially about you learning and acquiring the abilities you’ll need to perform what you’d ordinarily hire someone else to do for you.

Naturally, the term “DIY” is applied to a wide range of undertakings, and everything from mending a hole in the wall to producing your own bath bombs (or even kids’ slime!) is considered a DIY activity. DIY extends much beyond that, since it can be used to do things like cut your own hair, sew your own clothes, decorate a cake, manage your own investments, and much more. Today, we’re going to show you how to transform something old to something brand new!

Pictures frames turned to serving trays

This idea may sound quirky but it is the most unique one out there. You can use worn out picture frames as your serving trays. It creates a beautiful look for your plates and dishes and it always brings in a fun story when you serve food!

Take out the picture and use the frame. It is ingenious and saves so much money on serving trays. It’s also as if the nostalgia is tagging along for the serve!

Suitcases into cute side tables

This is a DIY that’s filled with the nostalgia of travel and memories. You can turn old suitcases into unique side tables as statement pieces. All you need is to refurbish the damaged materials and use them around the use.

We’ve talked about side tables and display tables, but what if what you really need is a side table and it isn’t meeting any budgets? Turn to your DIY skills instead!

From containers to jewellery organizers

We often lose jewellery as they are small in nature. It’s even more displeasing to us when it’s a family heirloom or a gift by someone special. So, taking care of jewellery is important but also requires patience. But if you follow this DIY, you will have a drawer full of organized jewellery!

Turn your old baking trays or even cupcake trays into jewellery organizers. The indent on the trays serve as a natural storage space. All you need to do is color coat the baking tray so that its original color doesn’t show!

So, try out these unique DIY ideas to transform the nostalgia of old things to another happy memory. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any use! Repurposing your belongings is not only easy on your wallet but also good for nature.


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