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4 Ways of Folding Napkins for Perfect Dining

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

In regard with the whole concept of folding a napkin, we can find many ways of executing it; It can be for a romantic dinner, for a slumber party, Halloween party or it can be intended for many other occasions. But these events are not common scenarios for our country. A dinner with the whole family including parents and grand-parents are more customary. Bearing this factor on the mind, we’ve found some suitable ways of napkin folding for you. 

Precautions: For the best outcome, one must iron the napkins thoroughly or even lightly starching the fabric to give the napkin a more unbending form. Linen and cotton napkins are the best options as they fold easily. Choosing an elegant color is also very significant.

Angled Pocket Fold

Angled Pocket Fold: It’s comparatively easier to perform. You’ll need a square napkin, fold it in half, then in quarters then fold the open corner’s top layer to meet the opposite corner. After that turn over the napkin, fold it into thirds, and turn it back over. Finally tuck the silver wares into the pocket. You can add a branch of a plant to make it look more appealing. (Difficulty: Easy)

Cone Fold

The Cone: It also requires a square Napkin. Again, fold it in half, then in quarters then angle the napkin in a way that the open end is facing away. Fold the top layer all the way forward and press it down flat. After that Turn the napkin over and fold the left-hand side of the napkin over two thirds of the way then fold the right-hand side of the napkin over, to coordinate the left-hand side. Finally tuck the corners of the napkin into the left-hand side flap. You can tuck the silver wares into the pocket. (Difficulty: Easy)

Pyramid Fold, looks tricky but worth all the folds

The Pyramid Fold: With a square napkin, at first you have to fold the napkin diagonally in half, after that rotate the napkin as the folded edge faces at you. Next fold the right corner up to the far corner subsequently fold the left corner so that it looks like a diamond. Then flip the napkin and keep the open-ended fold away and then the open-ended corner downward. Flip again and make sure that the open end is pointed at you. Finally lift and fold the napkin along the center. (Difficulty: Intermediate)

Steps to bishop’s hat fold

The Bishop’s Hat Fold: This classic folding is not as easy as the previous ones. As we enter into the difficult zone, I would suggest to not only follow these steps but also watch a video tutorial. So, for the fold, first we have to fold the dinner napkin in half so that the open-end is towards you, then fold the far-right corner diagonally near you, placing the point in the center of the side closest to you. After that, fold the near-left corner diagonally away from you, holding it so that it lays right next to the previous fold. Next, Flip the napkin over and angle it as it points to the far-left and to the near-right. Then fold the lowest half of the napkin up and away from you, placing it as such the far edges run on top of one other. Subsequently grab beneath the napkin and pull out the flap on the right, making the near-side come to two points. Softly roll the left half of the left triangle over and tuck it’s end under the right triangle. Flip the napkin over, as the ‘two points’ pointing away from you. Then fold the right-triangle to the left, tucking it’s end into the other triangle. Finally open the hat and force the material inside down to fill it out as it becomes circular, this might take a slight fiddling. (Difficulty: Hard


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