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10 Easiest Notebook Cover Ever!

By Sadia Islam Bristi

Can’t help but buying new notebooks? All of them…all the colors on their covers! Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? You don’t need to buy it. Now, you can create it at your home. Let’s try some easiest one!

Washi tape Notebook Cover :

You will easily find washi tapes in the market. They are of different colors, patterns, and characters. Pick some colorful ones and apply them to the notebook cover one by one. You can place it horizontally, you can place it vertically too. Your notebook will look awesome and unique!

Embroidered Notebook Cover :

Can you stitch? Now take a scissor, thread, and needle and stitch your favorite thing on the notebook. You can use different colored thread. Before starting, draw the shape with your pencil.

Cutting Notebook Cover :

Cutting Notebook

If you have a notebook, you can just take a scissor and cut it with a pattern. You can create a face or any shape out of it. It will look awesome!

Spray Paint Notebook Cover :

Do you have any awesome designed crochet fabric? Just, buy a notebook and put the fabric on it. Now, spread some color over it. Now take the fabric away and see the magic. You will find the shape amazing!

Notebook with ring :

Collect a ring which is normally used to bind the paper. Now, collect some paper and cut according to the cover. Punch hole into all the paper and cover. Now, put the ring through the hole. Your notebook is ready! To make it perfect, follow the pictures!

Printable notebook cover:

Printable notebook

That’s the easiest thing you can ever wish for. Here, all you have to do is choosing a picture or shape and printing it. Now, with the help of some scotch tape and glue, you can make it your notebook cover easily. So easy, isn’t it?

Fabric covered notebook:

Fabric covered notebook

Take a piece of cloth that looks awesome. Now, you can pin it up with your notebook. You can stick it through using some glue on the notebook too. Whatever way you choose, like the piece of clothes, your notebook will look beautiful too!

Painted notebook:

Here, the process is really easy. Pick a quality color and paint your notebook with it. The only thing here matters is your sense of color. Choose a theme and paint on the cover. Try to pick a thickly covered notebook.

Painted notebook

Wood Notebook:

You can pick any type of notebook. Now, take two pieces of wood (light one) and cut some hole through it. Now, choose some hook and put it through the hole. To make it more interesting, you can paint it with some colors too! So, what are you waiting for? Pick the scissors and the colors! Turn the lonely pages to some beautiful notebook cover!


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