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Utilize the corners of house at its best

By Tabassum Sayeka

Do you often complain that the space of your home is too small to contain so many things of yours? Do you often stare at the bare corners of your home and feel like something is missing? Every naked room corner in a fun-sized abode is basically a space-making opportunity. As a matter of fact, corners are practical as they let storages sink into them and also lend an artistic turn to any room. Corners are like the surprise performers in the decor of your home and by virtue of their physical attributes, a corner is a very versatile space – it can be a cozy space for a private conversation, a home to your favorite knick-knacks and a complement to the main space – mixing with it as and when required. Here’s how to transform neglected nooks into useful and inviting spots that make life at home better.

L’s The Word:   For people who believe less is more, L Shaped Sofas or L-shaped furniture pieces work the best. Many of you may particularly love the ones that have an inbuilt recliner and lying down space. The sofa helps increase and organize seating and also removes the clutter of too many pieces. We may say, L-shaped Sofas were brought into existence keeping in mind the need to enhance the corners of a home. So, if you’re a big believer in organized spaces, L-shaped sofas are perfect for you.

Music Nook: This nook is ideal for vintage music lovers. It features framed posters or pictures on the wall, as well as a table with a record holder and a vintage record player on top. A matching lamp was installed in the adjacent wall and shines over the turntable as records are played. 

Your Own Gallery Wall:  A corner next to the room’s door can be very much filled in, with pictures of all sizes on the two perpendicular walls, and there can also be a corner table and chair next to the actual door. Extending a gallery wall into a corner helps the lines of your space disappear. Choose artwork of varying sizes, shapes and textures for bigger impact. This is also a great trick to use in a smaller space, to make it feel a bit larger. You can use printable monochromatic arts or use it as your family wall by placing images of your family tree. You can also have a rustic gallery wall featuring rows of distressed wood, from which different objects are hung, including a deer head, bags, signs and even bunting banners.

Your Own Reading Nook: Another lovely option that corners offer is to make a space inside a big space. So when you have a big living room, one can make a corner nook with perhaps a small coffee table, a bookcase and a lounge chair with an ottoman and create a nice reading corner while the same can be used as a normal seating when not in use as a personal space.

Mini Office at Home: If you need to create a mini office at your home and have not been able to because you think there isn’t enough space, think again! You have the corners. Use one of them in your room to create a mini-office by installing an L-shaped workstation. You can also get a cabinet to store your files and other office stationery.  

Add Some Greenery: One of your best, go-to choices for an odd corner is always a big, leafy plant. In this space, a Fiddle Leaf fig can be the perfect addition to a niche, which creates an odd corner spot behind the front door. A really nice way of decorating a corner is putting plants in the corner of your room, play around with table heights and therefore use the verticality of the corner. Plants bring freshness into the room while helping occupy space usually left empty. This is an oldie, but a goodie.

Shelving: This works especially well if your corner is more of a nook. I personally like the idea of leaving a bit of space at the bottom of the nook to stash a pouf, ottoman, or other occasional seating. It’s out of the way, but easy to reach when company comes.

Lighting: Corners tend to gather shadows, so why not transform them into spaces with extra light? It can make perfect sense if the corner is next to the sofa, or you can also use this trick in random corners. Add a salt lamp for a soft glow, or hang a pendant for some extra drama.

Hanging a hammock swing: Another interesting way of creating a magic with those corners is by hanging a hammock swing. It will not only help you make an appropriate use of the space but will also add the style quotient to the decor of your room. Admittedly, this would take a fairly specific corner, but even if you leave the hammock draped when it’s not in use, it could add a splash of color or a bit of softness.

To sum up, there is definitely no reason to be worried if you have empty corners in your house that feel like they should be filled in somehow. If blank spaces are making you uncomfortable, the good news is that you’ve got plenty of options now for filling them without cluttering up your home.


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