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Turn Every Awkward Nook Into a Chic Corner

by Sadia Islam

Is there a beam in the middle of your room? Is there an empty corner to the right inside the room? Every house is different than the rest. And for some inevitable reasons, homes can end up in a very awkward way. You will always find some places in your house which is of no use and just like the of the moon. Hey! Nothing to worry about. Let’s combine your imagination and some simple tricks to interior designing. With it, every awkward sights of your house can be useful. Take a look!

Use the gap

Have you ever felt exhausted and went to the corner of your room just to feel detached from the rest of the world? You need some place in your home that is a little bit far from the general sight. Let’s turn the suddenly empty and ‘not of any use’ space in your house to a comfortable place to relax. Place a Tea-table, Sofa or chair there. You can add a tiny bookshelf there as well.

Make a place to rest

Use Some Pictures

This is the best idea for making the right use of walls in your house. All you just have to do is buy or even better, draw pictures and hang them in the right place. Aside from the aesthetics. Besides, your home won’t feel blank. You can use this trick to make any place better.

Frames can make anything look better!

Make a room for bookshelf

Do you love reading? Why not set a bookshelf in that empty space of your house? There are different types of bookshelves. Even, if it’s a beam, you can make a staircase lookalike bookshelf on it.

And, here is the bookshelf!

Make something interesting!

What are the things you fancy? There are some common interests, such as maps or football which will catch the eyes of anyone entering the room. Why not gather something interesting and keep them in the empty corners of your house?

Does it look interesting? Make your own!

Change your focus

Is there a beam in your room? Just arrange your room in such a way so that the beam becomes the secondary focus as the attention sways to something else!

See the position of the bed. It grabs all the focus!

Don’t forget the staircase

You might be thinking about leaving the staircase out of your plans. But wait! You are forgetting to consider the space under the stairs. You can put a bookshelf, a small bed or some plants like this picture too!

Turn the staircase into a beautiful one!

Keep space for your shoes

Is there a small space behind the front doors? Most of the time, this space just remains untouched. Doors can’t even reach to it. Here, you can create a space for keeping shoes. More so, you can put a hanger over there for clothes. Practical and beautiful idea to use the space, isn’t it?

The right place for your shoe!

Decorate the narrow hallway

Is there a narrow hallway in your house? Let’s use it properly. Place a mirror, some paintings there. Let your children draw with colors in the wall of the hallway. It will be more colorful and awesome!

Use this tiny hallway too

It’s easy! There should be no place in your house that may seem awkward and funny. Let’s just think and choose the solutions wisely. Your home needs care too. Let’s take care of it and turn every odd places of it into a chic corner!


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  1. Riri says:

    Wow really nice ideas. Will sure apply for my new place

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