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The Perfect Little Reading Room

By Chowdhury Shadab

 ©  Rubaiya Chowdhury

For book lovers, a place to safely store their books while also having them on display is of utmost importance. A reader needs to be close to his/her literature and he/she also needs them to be ready at hand when choosing what to read or even re-read. To achieve that, a reader needs one or two bookshelves. Along with having a warm, cozy place to indulge into those books, a reading space is essential. That is where the concept of a reading room comes in.

A reading room should be a place in which a person feels comfortable. A place where they feel welcome. There are several factors which go into creating the perfect reading room which provides both comfort as well as hospitality. Let’s take a look.


The mood and lighting of the reading room can be cozy

A nice reading room should have warm lighting, in order to create a feeling of warmth and also to set the mood during reading. It should not be overly lit up. One or two lamps and a few strings of fairy lights or LED strips of different colors should help create the perfect ambiance.

Colour of the walls

The walls should be painted in a color which feels aesthetically pleasing. They should be subtle and not eye-catching. It’s vital to go with soft, pastel colors such as lilac or ochre which would allow your eyes to relax and focus on reading.

© Anika Rodoshi


A reading space is incomplete without a bookshelf. A good bookshelf should have enough space to hold the books in a reader’s collection. It should be of a nice, apt size as well because if it is too big considering the number of books you own, it will look empty and underwhelming. On the other hand, if it is too small, it will feel messy and cluttered. The bookshelf should put a reader’s book on display, so that the reader can easily choose what to read and guests can also take a look at what literature the reader owns.

Your reading room should also provide you with a nice comfortable place to sit or lay down to delve yourself into worlds of magical creatures and fantastical stories. A cozy little bean-bag chair or a comfortable couch or even a hammock would be the perfect solution.

Moreover, the addition of a desk in your reading room would allow you to use the room as a study area too. You can also use a clean desk it to indulge in your hobbies and projects.


Proper air-conditioning and ventilation is important too. You don’t want to sweat while reading and you wouldn’t want to be shivering either. If there are windows in your reading room, make sure to have them open just enough so that you can breathe easily and stay cool, calm and collected.

These are some of the factors which go into creating the perfect reading room. If you are a lover of books, or even just a student who needs a proper environment to study in, this guide is sure to help in creating that perfect space to achieve literary Nirvana!


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