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The Paint of Music

By Rubaiya Chowdhury

Music is the connecting thread of the universe. There is music in each and every aspect, minuscule to a gigantic universe. It is not uncommon these days for music aficionados to have personal music rooms in their own houses or apartments. Some rooms are designed by placing a specific instrument at the base, and others are more or less generic and have a little bit of everything.

Let’s look at a few ways that can turn a room into the gallery of Beethoven.

Put your instrument front and center

 Let’s say you play a grand piano and own one as well. Make it the centerpiece of the room and its sheer size will do the rest and turn itself to the focal point. You can even put a musical artwork as a backdrop to resonate the elegance.

Mount the Strings

Don’t let your guitar gently weep here and there lying about in the room. String instruments such as guitars, bass, ukulele come in many sizes. The second genius idea is to keep them up on the wall, safe and clear from stomping while adding tasteful decor.

Oxygen Check

We all have our favorite plants and love to have them in our rooms. However, many plants act as good sound absorbers, making them an excellent decor to add to your music room! The larger the plant with long leaves, the more it can take up noises.

Mind the Noise

As a musician, you definitely would not want external noises meddling with your jamming or recording sessions. A few plants are good but not enough for pro music. Now, the most common method of soundproofing is using foams. While it is easier to consider using soundproof paints, foams don’t take up as much space, and they give you a better cost to benefit and convenience ratio.

If you also do not want the sound to go out of your room, put up rugs on the wall!

Say Cheese

There is no music without inspiration and a true musician always pays tribute to his/her masters. Put up the photos of your favorite bands, musicians, or your own gigs up on the wall. It might as well help you get in the groove like you are playing in front of those crowds and the crowd is cheering you on!

Match the Socks

Keep in mind while putting up stuff in your room to match the color scheme with the decors. If you are looking for serenity, paint with softer tones, such as blue or lilac. Rock and roll dudes often prefer scarlet, pitch black, or blue to feel the energy. Take time to decide on it!

Set the mood right

Music is all about ambiance. Don’t underestimate the power of light and lamps in a room. The right lighting can set the mood for one’s inner creative and musical soul. For a music room, you might opt for warm light as it sets a mellow tone to the room that’s just as soothing as the music itself. Eccentric lamps or light bulbs can help give the room an aesthetic look and blend well with the artsy theme.


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