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The Focal Point in Décor: Where Your Eyes Will be Trapped!

By Sumaiya Azmi

What if, rather than a huge refurb and cramming the room with furniture, a fuss-free addition could alter the appearance of your whole room? It might seem unimaginable, but creating a focal point in your space can help this décor dream come true! The focal point in our room is the area that grabs our attention due to being more dramatic than the rest of the space. Unless your room has a focal point, it will always feel quite wrong. The room will appear much more charming when you arrange the furniture and accessories around a central element.

Read on to find out how to create a beautiful focal point in each room of your house!

Set the Scene with a Fireplace

More often than not, a fireplace on the wall serves as the center of attention in a room. Even though some fireplaces are quite gorgeous on their own, others might demand some adornment. The wall around the fireplace can be painted with an accent color from your color palette. If you wish to do more, surround the fireplace with large format tiles to put it in the limelight. There are numerous fireplace tile themes to choose from, whether you desire to use ceramic, stone, or patterned materials.

Carpet Runner

Nothing can beat a stunning carpet runner to create the perfect focal point in your room! The carpet runner has no arch-nemesis when it comes to enhancing the entire appeal of a space. If you prefer a rug runner to be the centerpiece of your space, choose one with a dramatic pattern and color. This impression combines well with a neutral-toned interior.

Kitchen Backsplash

We are often stressed about the focal areas in the living room, dining space, or bedroom, but our kitchen deserves some attention as well! When it comes to the kitchen, you can create a beautiful focal point with backsplash tiles or plaques alone. It can be a punch of color in a simple monochromatic kitchen or a smooth metamorphosis between your countertops and cabinets.

Use Beautiful Statement Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose home is the fairest one of all?

Well, your home can be the answer if you embrace this décor scheme! Statement mirrors are a great bet for creating the illusion of a larger space and glamming up the entire aesthetic of a room. The mirror alone or a larger group of them together can be set out as the focal point of a space.

Some Considerations

  • It can be chaotic to create more than one dominant focal point in a room. Our brain becomes confused and struggles to decide where to focus when a room has a lot going on.
  • Good lighting is a must for your focal point to stand out. Whether it is a ceiling light arrangement, a hanging chandelier, or a floor lamp, a light source will let your focal point shine up from the rest of the room even more.

When it comes to creating a focus area, scale and dimensions should not be ignored. Something too little can feel diminished, while something too large might appear jumbled. Incorporating a well-planned showstopper in each room can notch up your décor game for sure!


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