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Six Things You Shouldn’t Overlook for Your New Kitchen

By Tasnim Jarin

Redecorating a house is never an easy task. Considering the amount of time and expense to rebuild an old area with a new look is quite challenging. Only a proper plan can help you face this challenging time to remodeling the part of your house. And here we are talking about decorating the most important part of the house; which is the kitchen. 

While planning for a new kitchen, six important things that shouldn’t be overlooked are discussed below. Go through this informative article so you don’t miss these key points when planning your kitchen. 


To redecorate the kitchen, the first important thing that you should not overlook is the storage system. Wall cabinets and shelves are some options for storing kitchen inventory in an organized way. 

Depending on the kitchen space the number of cabinets should be planned for the corners of the kitchen. Too many cabinets or shelves might make the place look congested. That’s why it is important to make a proper plan to use every corner of the kitchen tactically. Also, make sure that apart from the fixed design of wall cabinets, you have enough space to function in the kitchen. 

This interior cabinets work as a savior for a messy kitchen. You can also plan for separate cabinets like- tea, coffee, masala jar cabinets, ceramic dishes, kitchen utensils corner, clay or glass sections etc.    

Wall color

For kitchen wall color always try to choose the bright color palette, so that the place will not look gloomy or pale. Hence, instead of wall color you can even use illusions on the kitchen walls. 

This will surely create a vibrant look throughout and also boost your mood while cooking. Usually, kitchen areas collect more dirt than any other place of the house. So, in order to keep the place fresh and dirt-free, it is suggested to paint the kitchen wall with bright illusion designs. 


While planning for kitchen flooring, always give preference to the cleanliness first. Even if the flooring system looks outstanding but it holds scratches, dirt and dust like a magnet, then definitely reconsider the flooring system and the material that has been used in your current flooring.

Apart from the attractiveness, proper functionality is the key purpose of flooring designs. Otherwise you might spend hours to keep the floor clean, and even after that, sufficient change might not be visible to you. So, among the top flooring trends, you can either choose large-format titles or stained concrete tile, but in any way, it must be slip-resistant flooring.


Appliances like coffee makers, ovens, toasters, blenders, rice cookers, etc. are always placed in the kitchen premises. To make our daily life easier, we use these different types of gadgets.

Like gadgets for the kitchen, we need some useful appliances to work fast and smooth. Hence, while redecorating the kitchen premises, it is important to upgrade the appliances following the current trend. But all of this upgrading should be budget-friendly if you don’t want to break the bank.  

Electrical outlets

Kitchen outlets and switches should be in a convenient place where you can put the essential electrical devices and can use them easily at anytime. It would be best to select a particular corner of the kitchen area specifically for electrical use. 

You can either set up the electrical outlets on the wall or on the floor, depending on where it is suitable to install. Or you can set up a kitchen power pop up in kitchen countertops. 

But always try to keep the outlet board far from gas ovens. So, while planning for a new kitchen, try to think and design where you want the outlets to be placed. 


Last but nots least; a beautiful lighting system will complement the whole idea of a new kitchen. This lighting system will provide a beautiful ambience of the kitchen. 

Proper lighting systems can change the entire look of the kitchen. In this matter you can choose focus light, corner lamp, under cabinet light or pendant style for the kitchen area. Kitchen lights should always be bright as you need to work with knives and other kitchen materials, so for clear vision and safety, there should always be bright shades and proper lighting options.

Pendant style light is always trendy for kitchens and dining rooms. And in today’s time mini pendant style is the trendiest and is considered a beautiful décor piece.  

Redecorating an old place can be great fun. It is tiring and challenging too, but the outcome is definitely worth the effort in the end. Especially for kitchen areas, the changes you bring to the new kitchen will ease your kitchen duties while allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous ambiance. So, follow the points and be the designer of your own homes!


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