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Shelves, Frames, Boards – Fairy lights to make it all look minimalistic and marvelous

by Tabassum Sayeka

“Home! Home!
Sweet, sweet home!
There’s no place like home
There’s no place like home!”

Tried and True, Lighting is the very tool that can make a house into a sweet home and will allow the personality of the owner to shine through. Without good lighting, the impact of all the other well-thought out details – sumptuous furnishings, opulent flooring, luxurious wallcoverings – will be lost. So, getting the lighting right is essential if we are to make the most of our homes. The first and foremost concern about lighting should be the correct balance between task lighting and mood lighting. Mood lighting is potentially a soft, diffuse balance of several difference sources of light within the same space and fairy lights or string lights are one of the best places to start when it comes to mood lighting. As we know, human beings respond emotionally to their lit environment; fairy lights are always perennial favorites for cozy and atmospheric room.

Sparkly, twinkly and luminescent – fairy lights are always mesmerizing. Traditionally, they’re used to bling up a party space but why use them on only special occasions? Admit it, we all love these little pretty lights so let’s take a look at how you can use them all year round. Here’s our top ideas of how you can use them throughout your home.

String lights look whimsical no matter where you hang them. But when you combine their loveliness with the charm that any bedroom has you get a truly dreamy look. And given how flexible string lights are and the variety of styles they come in, you can create some really awesome and creative designs by hanging them in your ordinary bookshelves or frames. A couple sets of string lights can turn an ordinary frame or shelf into a magical scene in seconds. You can even use mini clothespins to hang up photos on your string lights for a more personalized lighting scheme.

The shelves often get a bit neglected when it comes to decorations. A really simple way to bring some of the festive vibes into your room is fairy lights. String them up around your cabinets or open shelving, you could even get some garlands or just a bit of greenery to hang up too. If you have shelves over your desk and are looking for ways to make the work station feel a bit more inviting, add string lights across the shelves. Minimal but super effective.

Many people like dream boards or vision boards in their rooms these days. I love the use of fairy lights because your vision board gets your attention at night too. Allowing you to drift off with positive thoughts for the future. Plus, it looks pretty! All you need for this design are a set of fairy lights that are usually quite cheap. So, it’s the time to make your dream boards look dreamy.

You can also use string lights to create a fake headboard for your bed. It can have any shape and size you want. When wrapped around the head board, they are bright enough to read by. However, the light is so diffused and soft, it is not at all like having the bedside light on.

If you have a canopy bed you can hang string lights from the frames to make twinkling draperies. They’ll look magical and they’ll make your bedroom look like a princess’s layer. And even if you don’t have a canopy bed you can still get this look by simply hanging draperies and string lights from the ceiling. They are also perfect for holding up photographs from home with pegs.

Fairy lights makes your bedroom more cozy and homely

There is something so cozy about snuggling into your couch, turning off all the lights, but flicking on a string of lights. It’s a modern-day version of sitting in candlelight. To achieve that level of ambiance in your own living room—without inadvertently mimicking a teenager’s bedroom room—try picking out clunkier carnival lights. Have them swoop from the window to a corner, and then disappear behind your sofa and see the magic!

Decorate your wall with beautiful memories and fairy lights

For those with a large, full-length mirror in their room, you can jazz up the piece by layering a string of black-wired carnival lights over the side of the frames. They will readily add a welcoming glow to your room. In case of your fondness for a retro look, colored fairy lights are your getaway solution. The retro-style colored string lights can give you all the Joyce Byers vibes you have always wanted.

Decorated furniture makes the room cozier

While it might feel a little college dorm-inspired, stringing your lights around a doorway is a cozy way to bring some light into the room. Even if you don’t have a separate room or area for your home office, section it off with string lights to give it a different vibe from your relaxation area. So even the tiniest dorm or studio apartment can feel like a multi-room house.


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