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Plan for an Open Kitchen?

by Sadia islam Bristi

Planning for an open kitchen is not something very tough. But, when the whole project comes to the operation level, you need to choose the proper design, your budget, exact space of your house and the perfect person who can do it.
So, a lot of time and research need to do to convey the whole procedure perfectly. Looking for the ultimate guide to make an open kitchen plan for your house? Here is all that you need to know!

Go for an open kitchen for your house!

As an open kitchen obviously remains open, it influence the other parts of a house too. Whatever design you will create for your kitchen, if it is a stylish one, your whole room will take a bit of the style. Besides, there will be the probability that the noise of your kitchen will annoy the people outside of it. So, are you ready to do it till now?

Set the position

If you are going for an open kitchen, you will need to separate the space for seating, cooking and dining. Try to place a wall behind the kitchen. It will provide you enough room to place utensils and all the necessary things.
Put a table in front of the kitchen. And if you love the window view while cooking, set your kitchen in a place from where you can see the outside view too.

Think about the roof of your kitchen

Place the kitchen far

So, obviously you won’t want to listen all the cooking sounds while watching TV outside the kitchen. So, make the minimum distance between the two. Besides, make it easy to walk. Don’t let the kitchen hit you hard while moving in the house.

Go for the broken-kitchen

Can’t afford the whole open kitchen? You can enjoy a part of it. All you need to do is placing a table, creating some difference in the design of the kitchen.
Besides, you can place a window in between the kitchen and the other room. Thus, you will be able to use your kitchen both as a separate place and an open one.
It will make you feel like a very different place of the house. There will be boundary, but most of it will be in your mind. Your kitchen won’t take much space of your house too.

Decorate your kitchen with light

Influence the roof

Open kitchen can’t only be made by the wall or table. You need a different level for the rooftop design of your kitchen too. Let the architect make the roof of the kitchen side a little bit long. It will create a different version of light in the kitchen.

Choose your type

There are various types of open kitchen. You can choose any of them. There are-

  • Linear galley kitchen, which contains a galley and you will enjoy both side (wall and sink/table) of it as the part of your kitchen. Actually, you can pick the island of your home and turn it into an open kitchen.
  • U-shaped kitchens, where there will an open end of the kitchen and the other end will be covered by a table or wall. It will create an L shape.
  • L-shaped kitchens, in which you will make the kitchen as L-shaped through using a table.
  • And obviously, you can choose an open kitchen with a wall and a little table in front of it. Do you have your own kind of idea for your open kitchen? You can use it for your house too.
Various types of kitchen

What do you want in it?

As you are planning for an open kitchen, you should have the plan to place things in it. Tap, hob, table, breakfast bar, sink, oven, dishwasher and so many things that you can use into the kitchen.

Choose any color for your kitchen

What about the color?

Normally people use white in their kitchen. But you can use grey, black, cream, green and many other shades from Berger to make the kitchen look colorful.

And the smell?

Obviously, open kitchen can spread odor and smoke all around the room. So, how to eradicate it? It’s very easy. You just have to buy a quality extractor. It will help you to remove smell and smoke out of your kitchen and the room attached to it.

Keep the stove clean

If the kitchen is open, the repetitive use of gas stove will make it sticky. To get rid of it- at first, use some warm water and detergent on the stove. Then, put the mix of baking soda and water on the stove. Now, leave it for 20 minutes and after the time wash the stove properly. You will get it cleaned.

Besides, you have to consider the light, floor type and so many other things while you will be ready for the open kitchen. Among all, you have to be ready for the drawbacks of the open kitchen. So, still are you interested about it? Then why are you waiting? Contact the architect and just do it!


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