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Nature Décor for Home: Lure the Earth’s Delights In!

By Sumaiya Azmi

The ethereal charisma of our mother nature has the magical power to calm our souls and spirits like no other. Whether it is the serene seashore, an ice-capped mountain, or the blooming rainforest, nature has no bounds to her magnificence. Well, as much pleasure as it is to be in the wilderness, it’s not a cinch to escape from the bustle of our modern life. But no rule claims that the glorious outdoors has to remain in the open air! You can seize the flame that ignites your passion by using the endless offerings of nature. Decorate your urban interior with the elements of nature and infuse your space with a sensation of peace.

Here’s a bundle of ideas that will help you bring the outdoors inside. Let’s dive right in!

Cotton-ball Flower Bouquet

Cotton is a beautiful material to decorate with when it comes to nature-inspired home decor. Cotton blossoms are one of the prettiest decorations that can add a punch of seasonal aroma and a unique touch to a space. To let these white puffs gleam, contrast them with dark, polished wood. When coupled with a simple glass vessel, a clump of delicate white cotton flowering stems appears perfect and elegant!


If you are someone who is obsessed with the beach but can’t afford a home near the shoreline, seashells come to the rescue! Nothing brings a bit of the ocean closer to home than adorning it with seashells and urchins. Put these mother-of-pearls in an ornamented jar and place it on your bathroom countertop if you wish to add some coastal inspiration to your bathroom. You can also create a gorgeous feature wall with seashells, coral, sea stars, as well as other marine-themed elements for a beach-inspired area. 

Tree Branches

Trees, the true masterpieces of nature, can be bent and distorted in bizarre shapes but still be alluring. Tree branches are popular interior accessories, and there are loads of creative options to use them in your decor.

Tree boughs can be transformed into beautiful statement chandelier pieces when looped with outdoor string lights. When dangled on the top of a dining table, it lends rustic appeal to a home. Moreover, you can mold hangers or holders, wall-mounted racks, wreaths, and other wall decorations out of tree branches that will offer charm and sophistication to your space.

To add a unique flair, put some branches in a large glass vase for a dramatic decoration and set it in a corner of your living room. This will bring more nature into your space.

Rock n’ Roll!

Rocks, pebbles and other natural stones can bring a flare of colors and character into a room. Pair them with flowers and candles, or paint the pebbles and use them in your table decor. You can also assemble these beautiful, solid earthen substances to craft coasters or placemats.


The magical aura of indoor plants has the power to breathe life into a drab space in a flash! These planted splendors cleanse the air inside while creating moments of escape from all the chaos of life. Peace lilies, spider plants, pothos, bamboo palms, snake plants, cactus, and money plants are some popular choices that are hassle-free to maintain.

Floor plant stands or standing planters are the perfect option for larger plants. Go for hanging planters for smaller rooms with limited storage space. You can plump for multiple plants of varied sizes and hues of green to create contrast and aesthetic appeal.


The word ‘terrarium’ might sound a bit deluxe, but the truth is, this is a simple, see-through globe or container for showcasing miniature houseplants, such as succulent plants or cacti. These are a lot of fun to put up and can turn simple houseplants into splendid centerpieces for a space. 

Some Pointers:

  • To make your nature-inspired decor more intense, use scatter pillows with bright floral patterns.
  • We often overlook one of the cheapest but most glamorous natural elements, and that is sunlight! Let the natural light in as much as possible to amp up your nature-themed decor.

So, what are you holding out for? Embrace your deep-rooted urge toward nature with the earth delights that are meaningful to you, and you’ll have the perfect combination for a cozy and aesthetically pleasing home.


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