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Matte Colors Exhibit Elegance

by Tabassum Sayeka

Matte colors are a byword for persevering sophistication, and they can completely transform the living area if used with due care and awareness of color coordination principles. It started with the matte paint developed for electronics and automotive and was quickly taken up by the cosmetics industry. Matte has been having a moment in fashion and makeup – from lipstick to nail polish – and it didn’t take long for the trend to make its way into the home. The interior design forecasts for 2020 have spoken: glossy, shiny finishes such as copper and marble are on the way out, and 2020 is the year of matte. Put simply, matte is the opposite of shiny. With matte paint, high-shine gloss gives way to chic, modern, and flat. The result is minimalist, high-end, and totally of the moment.

Besides, rich, warm shades in matte finishes are set to take over our interiors, providing a welcome contrast to ceramic glazes, stainless steel appliances and high-shine velvet or silk fabrics. In general, you can trust flat finishes on pieces such a pendant lights and bar stools to hold up just as well as their glossy counterparts. And you can definitely trust them to elevate your interior. Ready to do just that? Here is our quick guide to de corate your space with matte hues like a pro designer.

Paint – The first & foremost thing

Walk into any home improvement store, head to the paint aisle, and you may be overwhelmed by the number of paints finishes available. All have their benefits and are useful in certain applications, but one of the most impactful and stunning is matte paint. It’s also known as flat paint, and it has a sheen that’s ideal for masking imperfections on walls and absorbing light. Paint color trends for next year look like their moving away from Scandi-inspired minimalism and into earthy greens and jewel tones. So, for an easy way of opting into this home design trend, invest in a paint in a matte finish for your walls. Providing a matte backdrop in a rich color highlights the different textures found throughout your home decor, such as the silver sheen on candle sticks or the warm grain of a wooden coffee table. Matte paint works well in most living rooms and other high traffic areas, and it’s also good for placing on ceilings.

A rustic retreat

You can give your living room a rustic retreat with a southwestern theme. Rustic style living rooms benefit from matte paint because it melds with earthy decor much better than paint finishes with a more noticeable sheen. A southwestern themed living room can have a number of gorgeous architectural details including exposed beams and a unique style of door, and also clad in matte paint that almost mimics the look of adobe. Interesting fabrics, brilliant artwork, and a table that makes innovative use of organic elements help bring the rustic theme together with matte finish.


Tiles with a matte finish are always a convenient option for homeowners eager to adorn their nests with a touch of matte color. Updating a kitchen or bathroom with matte tiles creates a warm, understated background for polished marble surfaces, sinks and metallic utensils. The matte finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it, which brings an intensity of color and depth to your tiled wall or floor. Predicted color trends for the coming year lean more towards darker palettes, with a strong focus on reddish, terracotta hues, but there’s plenty of room for experimentation. Don’t be afraid to throw in a bright flourish in a small kitchen or bathroom to avoid a sterile monochromatic effect and increase interest in the room. Browse through different sizes and shapes to create alternative patterns, such as hexagonal kitchen tiles or large format wall tiles, rather than intricate, mosaic designs.

Black & White

Of all the matte colors, black might be the most popular at the moment. Black is chic all on its own, and it’s even more dashing when paired with ultra-cool matte. Flat black pieces make a statement in any space. Matte white is less common than matte black but just as stylish. It’s a little unexpected and can lend a natural or sleek, modern feel depending on the piece. When white items skip the gloss, their lines tend to become the star of the show so the eye focuses on things like geometric angles or smooth curves. Brushed copper, steel, or brass and matte black or dark grey paint go well together, and they are a common sight in industrial-style interiors. A matte black accent and a metal pull or handle will add a note of elegance to kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but dark matte colors should be used sparingly as they can render a grim, forbidding feel to the room and visually shrink your space.

For a cool modernist touch, you can swap lighting fixtures for minimalist pendant shades with a metallic internal coating. This will instantly liven up ambiance indoors in line with a black-and-white or industrial home look.

Discreet elegance for your bathroom

Matte bathroom colors create a sophisticated, reserved look and do not stand out in the foreground. The reduced light reflection ensures that the design of the bathtubs and sinks stays more in the eye. The matte finish also contrasts excitingly with shiny chrome bathroom fittings. The puristic, monochrome finish sets strong stylistic accents in a modern bathroom – and the matte finish is also less sensitive to fingerprints and small traces of water. The acrylic and quarry bathtubs with a matte color apron sink is a must have option. You can use muted hues from light stone white to warm brown to dark anthracite.

Other Matte Hues

Matte paints are very high in pigment, meaning you’ll get full coverage no matter which color you choose. You can go bold when it comes to selecting a hue. Whereas a glossy sheen can make a bold color appear a bit too harsh or gaudy, a matte finish has an almost chalky appearance that softens bold colors. Whether you’re picking out tiles, door handles or a new wall shade, matte color trends are embracing moody hues and rich tones. Dark neutrals, charcoal greys and navy blues create a dramatic ambiance when used as wallpaper or paint, or opt for regal Victorian elegance with reds or forest greens. A matte white or pebble tone can also be used to lighten smaller rooms if they can’t carry a heavy shade.

Matte finishes can be found on pieces in a wide variety of colors, lending a fresh feel to mint dining chairs, pop-of-orange vases, and more. The idea of pairing matte with a range of colors isn’t exactly new, but we’re loving the variety available today. Whether it’s a matte black pendant or a bar stool with flat gold legs, it’s easy to add a taste of this chic trend to your home.

Glimmer without a shine

If a full paint job isn’t quite on the cards, there are other ways of incorporating matte finishes into your home. As well as juxtaposing your current shiny features against a matte surface, you could also incorporate matte metals into your home decor in the form of cupboard doors and handles, light fixtures or even taps. Equally, exposed and unpolished piping brings a touch of raw industrial style to a room, especially when contrasted against uncovered sandstone brick.

Little Extras

Embracing these design trends doesn’t necessarily mean giving your whole house a makeover – your interpretation could lie in those ever-important little details. From chalk and matte painted furniture to matte dinnerware, you can go as small and subtle as you like. Alternatively, take things outside with chalk painted metal for your patio chairs and table or matte paint plant pots. Matte finishes are showing up on flooring, countertops, cupboards, and more. And even if you’re not quite ready for a whole new floor, it’s easy to incorporate this chic trend with smaller updates. So, with a nod to Nordic and Japanese simplicity as well as artisan-styled, handmade looks, you can look for matte finishes on vases, décor, serve ware, ceramics, and more.

From the dining room to the bathroom, smooth finishes can change the feel of any space. So, don’t let your décor lose a single shade of charm, use  non-glossy paint at spots that could use a fresh touch of color, and round off the sophisticated home look with vintage ornaments and chic accessories.


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