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Lustrous Monochrome Filter Surrounding the House

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

When it comes to being classy while decorating your house, there is no better color combination than the ever trendy black and white. The simplest and sleekest combinations can be created by adorning these colors. Today, we’ll explore the world of black and white, and if you’re thinking of decorating your house with this theme, you are in for a treat.

The Entrance 

The entrance should set the mood for the theme. In our country, people generally live in flats. Owners need to reciprocate the outside house entrance to the inside one. It’s better to use material things instead of plants in a tub. The door of the house can be glossy black in color and the walls can be white. Lamps can also be used beside the door. 

Entrance of a Monochrome House

The Dining 

People tend to get more creative with the dining room. Black colored dining tables are mostly preferred with the color of the walls being white. 

Open kitchen-dining combination can be used to give a gorgeous touch. 

The combination of ceiling lights and a chandelier just above the table creates an elegant look.  

Living-Dining collaboration

Dining can also collaborate with the living room. As some of us like to indulge in things like watching TV while eating, this might be suitable for us.

Simply using an area for dining and not merging with any other room is a more minimalistic approach.

Simply dining


Aiming to form a flawless monochrome kitchen, gripping the open-kitchen scheme is key. The cabinets should be black and the ceiling lights should be meticulously placed.

Charcoal open kitchen

We can create a more minimalistic appearance by using fewer items in the kitchen. Make sure to not use ceiling cabinets here.

Minimalistic kitchen

Living and Drawing Room 

We have to be most careful when designing these rooms because the visitors will spend most of their time here. We have to create a welcoming and warm undertone for the guests. Don’t use too many décor items because the simpler, the finer.   

Cozy drawing room 

While painting the drawing-room, we can use a black illusion on any one of the walls which will create depth in the cozy drawing-room. An exquisite painting can also lift the monochromic mood to another level.  

A touch of green in the living room center table would also create a unique earthy tone throughout the room.  

A touch of green in the drawing room

Curtains are another significant feature. A blending of both colors is the finest way to go.

Blending curtains in the living room


Bedrooms are where we can go extreme with black. You can use black on every wall but on the ceiling. A combination of ceiling lights, lamps, and a beautiful chandelier can be applied there.

The gorgeous pure black walls of a bedroom


Go the complete opposite way of bedrooms here; white is the key color for your washrooms. Use black and white marble tiles with caution there. Restrooms are generally attached to the bedrooms. So, if you go with extreme black in the bedrooms, the whiter washrooms will contrast the monochromic theme for a more visually appealing theme.

Barely black washroom

For whom? 

Black shows power, authority and strength, while white is connected with righteousness, peacefulness and cleanliness as well. Therefore, if you’re a person of strength while being peaceful and righteous, this monochromic combination is for you. Black also associates with professionalism and intelligence, while white promotes creative thoughts. So, the artists and business people of today are suitable for this theme too. This article is only to serve as a direction. You are ultimately the artist. Gather your creative thoughts and start decorating your house in a monochromic theme, room by room. Share your ideas in the comment section below so that we too can widen our understanding of how to create a more attractive black and white theme throughout the house. 


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