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Let’s Swing It – 5 Ways to Incorporate a Swing in Your Home

By Rubaiya Chowdhury

Humans innately love swings – from our cradles to the tire hanging from a tree, the feeling of swaying weightlessly is oddly comforting. We’ve all dreamed of curling up with a book and a piping cup of tea as we gently sway on a swing on a particularly lazy afternoon. But after a while, you dismiss the thought with a heavy sigh because you just don’t know where to put one. However, a swing does not need to be only for children. There are many chic ways to include this playful piece in your home. If you have always wanted to include a swing in your house but didn’t know how-to, we are here to give you some wild and fun ideas.

1. Living Space

One of the best ways to make a statement in front of your guests is by placing a large and stately hanging sofa bed in your living space. If you have a large living room, it can sometimes be a struggle to fill up the negative space properly. You could place a standing swing in an awkward empty corner of your living room and make it your showstopper. If you have a tiny living room, don’t worry! Chuck out the large gaudy sofa and opt for a statement hanging sofa instead. Add an eclectic coffee table and a cozy rug underneath for the ultimate urbane decor.

2. Empty Corner

Do you have one of those weird corners that look too empty without anything but is too small for an armchair? These annoying areas exist everywhere- from our bedrooms to family spaces. Hang a bohemian bamboo swing from the ceiling and turn those pesky spaces to perfection! The beauty of hanging swings is that they take up practically no floor space which allows you plenty of room to maneuver around the corner without leaving it empty. Throw in a fur rug and some cozy pillows to complete the look.

3. Balcony

If you’re someone who loves spending time in your balcony, then you’ll definitely appreciate adding a swing to that space. Bring the comfort of the indoors outside by adding a chic and modern hammock to your balcony space. Add some plush pillows and a throw blanket. With a small accent table in the corner holding some succulents, candles and books— this will become a corner that you’ll simply refuse to leave!

4. Children’s Room

If you have kids at home, then please become the cool adult in their lives by adding a swing to their personal space. Be it their bedroom or playroom, adding a swing (or more. Why stop at one?) will give their space the playful ambiance it truly deserves. Makes sure to buy a full-sized swing for your tiny humans so that they can grow into them. Installing an oversized birdcage swing in your child’s room like the one in the photo will definitely add a whimsical ambiance that will let their imagination run wild.

5. In front of Large Windows

Having a large window in your home means having ample daylight and an illusion of a larger space. But large windows could also be very difficult to style. Open panes serve as an excellent space for indoor plants. Create a cozy corner in front of your beautiful windows by adding an oversized swinging chair and all your favorite plants. By surrounding yourself with the soothing greenery, this will soon become your favorite spot where you sit and take a breather.

Honestly, if you want to get a swing, don’t hesitate! There are many clever ways to incorporate a swing in your house, and these helpful tips should make that easier. Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too. Swing away, my friend!


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