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Let’s make the gaming room more lively

by Md Saifuddin Al Quaderi

People need some time out of their busy lives just to hang out with friends and family. What better way is there to make things interesting and fun than playing some games? Whether you are hanging out with your cousins or just having fun with your friends, a few rounds of billiards will make things interesting. Not much of a player with pool cues? Fret not; there is always the option of racing on PS4. But these things don’t match well together that is why you need a room dedicated to games.   

A gaming room should be comfortable and spacious enough so that you and your friends can have a fun time. The most important part is to divide your space and plan out what you want and where you want it.

Game Room Plan Blueprint


Dividing up the room into sections for different types of games can be a good way to utilize the space. For instance, you can have your console on one side of the room and your PC on the other. Finding a place for your board and card games this way will be much easier as these take very little space when compared with a console or a PC which needs a lot of space.


Lights are essential to set the mood for gaming. You can buy LED lights from any hardware store around your home for a relaxed and witty game of Avalon.

Another choice might be RGB LED Strips. But, be notified! These will not be readily available at the hardware store. You can find these at the Bangabandhu National Stadium market, Multiplan and IDB Bhaban.

In terms of experience, these come with relays that can be set manually or in auto mode to making an already intense game of Need For Speed more intense. However, above all this, it is better to not forget about natural lighting.

Game Rack

Game Rack

The best way to keep your games safe is to have a designated game shelf. But, it is not necessary that you have to buy a full-on plywood shelf, wasting a lot of space in the room. Also, a couple of these will be sufficient for you, keep your games organized. You may also opt for small bookshelves. Hang these on the wall of your game room with a couple of simple screws.

A set of three shelves, ten to fifteen inches wide, will be sufficient. The best material to build this is plywood. Now, buying an individual sheet of plywood, 4X8 feet, will be very costly. Ask any woodshop around your area and get them to do it for a minimum price. Better yet, if you have a few pieces of plywood lying around, you can make your own game racks with a screwdriver and few screws.

Rug complementing the game room
Comfortable Rug

Add a Rug

A soft carpet or a rug will provide much comfort for the slow and relaxing board games you might want to play. With some small cushions, any game room will become a place to have some fun lying down on your belly and passing a stress-less evening.

It is very easy to do, just grab a stack of blankets and cushions and spread them on the floor. You will be surprised by the level of comfort you can get with such little effort.

Gaming TV
Gaming TV

Add a TV

A widescreen smart TV will make your gaming experience far better. You and your friends will be able to enjoy any console game like this, whether it is FIFA or NFS, to the fullest extent. Now, there are many TVs on the market. But if you are on a budget then you should opt for a Chinese brand. I have found that these are very inexpensive and can provide a similar experience to any top of the line brands.

Overall, these few steps can help a lot to liven up your game room, and make your weekend with friends more fun and enjoyable. This guide will surely make your friends envious of your game room.


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