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Let the neon trend glow

By Humaira Rahman Mou

People say ‘home is where the heart is’; then wouldn’t it be perfect to decorate a few corners of your room with neon lights to let your heart feel the glow? While neon signs were originally only found in raunchy cafes and arcades, they’ve now become a significant interior house design trend, with Gen Z and millennials displaying snappy, well-lit statements in their homes and sharing photos online.

Avoid patterned places

In any design, focus is an essential factor. Therefore, you need to choose a plain space to decorate with glitter neon lights. And the best part about these sparkling lights is that you can customise them into any shape and form. There’s always room for your creativity to shine.

Decorate your doors

Whether it’s a birthday party or baby shower, neon lights can quickly lighten up the party with their glam. You can give your guests a classy welcome by placing simple and instagramable quotes on your front door. And when you turn the lights up, then boom! A trendy look. 

Pinterest inspired bedroom

The vibrant multicoloured LED lights of cool quotes pinned to the wall can create a stunning Pinterest-inspired bedroom. The bedroom will always be snap-ready! You can use simple yet witty lines like “dreams come true’ to inspire yourself every night before going to bed. 

Create a photogenic corner

Two chairs with a tiny table on the corner of your drawing room sound very cosy, and now imagine having a cute astronaut made out of LED lights. The whole look of that spot changes and becomes a nice corner to take stylish photos. This setup can entice anyone to take multiple pictures for their social media accounts. 

An ancient yet artistic wall

How about capturing classical arts in a modern way? Some classical paintings are timeless, for example, Michelangelo’s paintings. And now imagine briefly recreating those with neon lights! It will certainly make a statement. This artistic approach will be jaw-dropping for all the visionary people out there. 

A simple beam of light

Simplicity is the new key when it comes to being trendy. And incorporating that idea into decorating your room with LED lights is something to look forward to. A simple LED lamp in your room can complement all the work you’ve put into revamping the environment. 

The feel of the neon lights is magical and spiritual. If you’re a sci-fi movie lover, you must love the idea of living inside a glowy atmosphere with neon lights. The LED can transform any room into a sci-fi novel you read as a kid.


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