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Layered Lighting: The Jewelry of Your Home!

By Sumaiya Azmi

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you….

Coldplay did not dedicate this song to interior lighting design, though! But with no doubt whatsoever, introducing multiple lighting sources to your home can heal your mood and inner spirit. A room will seem incomplete without the proper lighting arrangement. In truth, most interior designers will nod and agree that a room can feel wrong without at least three sources of lighting. So, consider layering different light sources to raise the splendor of your sweet home.

Layered lighting denotes the technique of combining more than one lighting element to create a well-lit and harmonious ambiance in a space. It can be done through a blend of three main categories of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Here are our two cents on each of them.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting offers a consistent amount of illumination, creating a diffused glow throughout the room. It generates the base layer of lighting and has the power to alter the color tone of your room. Ambient lighting serves as a canvas, where the other layers of lighting are your beautiful brushstrokes on it. Chandeliers, pendants that bounce light off the walls and ceilings, floor lamps, and flush-mounted luminaires are the frontrunners in creating splendid ambient lighting.

The soft radiance of the chandelier illuminated the entire space

Task Lighting

Well, the meaning is quite apparent from the name! Task lighting is a focused and bright source of light when it comes to shining an intense beam on the areas where specific tasks need to be carried out. This layer of lighting can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in your place of solitude.

When combined, ambient and task lighting mold a gorgeous, well-lit room brimming with general and useful lighting elements. Beautiful table lamps for your reading corner, downward-facing pendant lights, or undercabinet lighting to get rid of shadows while doing the chores on your countertops – all of them are great choices to create task lighting.

Table lamps

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting fills up the third and final layer in the realm of lighting design. The interior of your home might seem a bit dull without accent lighting. It is often three times brighter than ambient lighting and designed to highlight architectural details or other intriguing areas in your house. Whether it is a painting masterpiece or a statue, accent lights can help your treasured possession shine with the attention it deserves!

Accent lighting brings elegance and character to a room, and it is well suited for living areas, entrances, dining areas, or other spaces where unique features desire to be accentuated. There are some popular choices for accent lighting that can be set up to create a highlight, including:

  • Wall-mounted luminaires
  • Track or monorail lighting 
  • Recessed spotlights  
  • Wall sconces
  • Picture lighting
Track lighting
Wall sconces

Some Recommendations

  • When layering the light sources in a room, you can consider getting a central control unit for switching and dimming.
  • The interior lighting scheme might win or lose depending on the height of the lighting arrangements. The lights should be placed at a suitable height to create a unified and elegant appearance.

If you desire a balanced and alluring appeal in your home, layered lighting in each room can grant it without a doubt. So, don’t get cold feet before playing with the lights and shadows across your house!


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