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Flip the Switch with Pleasure!

By Sumaiya Azmi

Light switchboards, we all agree, get the least amount of care in a home. The switches often endure the brunt of our mistreatment each time we toggle their nose up and down. Even when you are in the middle of a huge refurb and your head is crammed with furniture patterns and paint swatches, the switchboards might appear to be a minor detail. However, light fittings tell a lot about your home because these are one of the tiniest but most essential features in home décor. So, it is quite fair to adorn your own place of solitude with upgraded light switches that shine up!

Here, we’ve hunted out some options that can turn your design scheme up a notch.

Contrast it Out!

If you desire to add a pop of color to your décor without busting a gut, coat your switch board in a color that contrasts with the wall. Moreover, the light switch will grab more attention than the regular plain ones, and will do it in a bold manner.

Use Beautiful Wall Decals

Since you are tired of the way your light switches look, wrap them in decorative stickers. Whether in silhouette or color, your switchboard can now be made more intriguing and appealing with these gorgeous vinyl decals. These are even detachable, so you can peel them off whenever you wish to change up the scene.

Turn the Switch into a Hand-Painted Gem

Let your inner Picasso shine through and create a delightful painting on the switchboard. If you are in a fog while coming up with inspiration, consider abstract painting. When it comes to choosing colors, you can opt for the ones that are prominent in your room.

Put a Quote on the Switch Plate

It might be a belief you hold or a statement from a long-cherished book; write it on your power switch. This little addition will boost the entire appeal of your room.

Touch Light Switches

The touch light switch is an incredible choice for homeowners who root for modern gadgets. This is a sort of tactual sensor that can be actuated with direct human touch or some degree of pressure from the user. In addition to being high-tech and easier to use, a touch light switch is often made of a smooth glass panel that is quite gorgeous to look at!

Metallic Radiance

When it comes to a premium and luxurious décor scheme, the antique switch shields made of brass are a no-brainer. These elegant controls stand out well if the color black or white reigns supreme in your interior design.

Important Considerations:

  • When putting up the wall decals, choose ones that suit the character of your room and home.
  • If you wish to paint on your switchboards, remember to seal them with lacquer to keep the colors from fading.
  • Electrical precautions are something that should not be ignored. Before messing around with your switchboard, remember to turn off the light switch.

The truth is that the heart of a pleasant interior design lies in the details. The well-decorated light switches in your home manifest your refined taste and remind your dear ones that you care about the finer details. So, ditch those plain old switch casings once and for all, and add a touch of glimmer to your home!


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