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Colorful Wall Shelf

by Tabassum Sayeka

No one can ever have enough of storage space. Wall shelves or floating shelves not only provide a room to put your things, but when mounted correctly they can look fun, sleek and sophisticated. Floating shelves are one of the magical unicorns of design: they just seem to work everywhere and are often the perfect choice if you need a bit more storage or if you want to spruce up a space. And since they come in all different styles and sizes, they’re incredibly versatile.

Floating shelves are designed to appear as if they are attached to the wall without visible brackets or braces. Floating shelves as decorating ideas are easy to put together and extremely useful. They can be both a work of art and a functional storage unit. Whether you use them to display photos, organize books, or show off your crystal menagerie collection, the floating shelf is sure to do the job in style. They are perfect for any room. Use floating shelves in the family room, bedroom, office, bathroom, or anywhere you want to add extra storage or display space. Check out some ideas you can implement in your own home.

Easy bookshelf:

Hung in a row, you can actually use floating shelves in place of a bookcase. If all of your books are similarly sized, you can hang the shelves equidistant from one another. However, floating shelves would also allow you to customize the space between each shelf to account for books of all different sizes. Floating shelves can also be a great solution to use in the corner of a room. Again, because you’re using shelves rather than a bookcase, you have flexibility to arrange them exactly as you like to work with your specific space. One homeowner even used a ladder in front of their shelves to make the space feel like a traditional library.

Statement Piece of your home:

Shelves prominently displayed on the wall can actually take the place of artwork. Rustic, reclaimed wood shelves can be used to showcase decor, houseplants and accessories. When cleverly arranged, they manage to stand in for a large piece of art.  Add personal touches by including souvenirs and knick-knacks that are special to you from around your home.

Magazine rack:

Narrow wall shelves can be used to display books like a magazine rack. This would work well if you have a lot of coffee table books to showcase. It could also be a great solution for displaying framed artwork or family photos.

LED glass floating shelf:

Wall shelves with special lighting effects are chic and add a modern touch to your space. At night, the ambiance is spectacular! The light shining subtly from these wall shelves makes them a unique decorating idea.

Kid’s space:

Colorful wall shelves would make a great addition to a kid’s room. They can double as both a spot to store books, as well as a place to display fun decor. Hang the shelves higher if you want to make sure your kid can’t reach the shelves or down low for easy access.

Storage for your laundry and dishes:

The laundry room is another great spot to add shelves. You can increase your storage space with a couple of extra floating shelves and quickly upgrade the functionality of your laundry room. If you don’t need the extra storage room, you can add some artwork or some plants to warm up your space.

In the kitchen, display your most beautiful dishware and cookbooks. You can consider adding a few shelves between your existing kitchen cabinets to show off your prettiest dishes and glasses, and simply switch it up depending on the time of year or season.

Bathroom hacks:

Floating shelves can do miracles for anyone who happens to have a small bathroom. If you lack storage in your sink vanity, or just need more space, add shelves to your bathroom walls to manage the overflow of toiletries. In the bathroom, your shelves may serve as a chic way to store functional items that are not so cute, like spare towels and toilet paper rolls, hidden amongst decorative objects.

Use every nook & corner:

You can use wall shelves in every awkward space in the home. Using shelves in unused spot brings order to the living room but also keeps things tucked away. The flexibility of the shelves will allow you to go higher than a standard bookshelf. Add some floating shelves above your TV to draw the eyes up, thus fading the TV into the background. Adding color-coded books to your shelves is another fun trick to attract the eye away from the TV. Using wall shelves can instantly add a splash of color to a room. If you happen to have some dead space at the end of your hallway, consider adding some floating shelves. Some chunky, wooden shelves are solely decorative, but manage to liven up an area of the home which would have otherwise been empty.


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