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Colorful Cushions To Decorate Your Home

By Tasnim Jarin

While I was thinking about decorating my room, the two things that came to mind instantly were colors and cushions. Yes, I am more of a color loving person. Whenever I see colors, it overwhelms me and makes me want to decorate everything around me with lots of color palettes using in different patterns. Also, I have a special liking for cushions and throw pillows. To me, rooms look the coziest when colorful cushions are placed here and there on the floor, bed, armchair and also on couches. 

During this coronavirus pandemic, most of us are spending time in quarantine or lockdown. We are equally stressed out and bored while staying at home for weeks straight. But amidst all the tension and work from home, we can easily make some time to work on something creative. I would say, this is the perfect time to finish all the undone tasks and utilize it to the fullest with creative activities. What you can do is figure out your preferred activity – painting, learning some new skills, improving cooking techniques or redecorating your home. Among all these, I would like to provide tips and tricks for room decorating. 

So, to redecorate the house with old stuff and give it a new look, I thought, why not decorate the rooms with colorful cushions?

As I have mentioned earlier, I have special feelings for different palettes of colors. So, thinking of a single theme and decorating rooms is not a big deal for me. I choose color over everything and the specific theme to decorate my home were with lots of color contrast cushions and pillows.

To bring harmony to my mismatched room, I thought of selecting colorful printed cushions for my solo colored couches. These colored cushions have enhanced the beauty of the couches and gave it a complete look throughout the room. So, to get a different texture and tone, it is always recommended to choose contrast color cushions for the room. You can make a contrast with wall paint, floor mats or curtains. You can choose bright colors for particular walls as well.

Not only that, if you are a matte color lover or prefer light color palettes, you can still experiment and add a different texture to your living space or bed room corner. The corner cushions or throw pillow sections always grab my attention. Moreover, it mesmerizes me to see how beautifully it brightens up the look of the room and how stylish it looks.

A modern house is all about getting a soothing texture by painting with all the light color palettes and themes. Even these colorful cushions can take part in changing the overall atmosphere of the room. Adding to the cushions, some garden-fresh flowers, books and a beautiful lamp are all that you need to complete the room and give it a picture perfect look to your eyes. 

Hence, selecting the right color palette for the right room is a must. Usually we decorate living rooms with lots of colors and patterns. The color of the walls, the patterns on the curtains, the artwork hanging on the walls and the showpieces on the shelves add a different texture to the room.

It’s obvious that choosing cushions based on the colors that already exist in the living room can easily complement each other well and help the existing colors brighten up the room. Depending on the style and space, you have to decide the number of cushions you would prefer to keep in any particular room. You can also make a specific “cushion corner” in a room where all the colorful cushions will be piled up. And if anyone wants, they can either sit on them or use cushions separately while sitting or sleeping on the couch or bed.

Modern homes look absolutely stunning with a number of colorful cushions. It’s not that you have to use every rainbow color to decorate the room. Rather, you can contrast them with the couch or bed. For example, in contrasting with white or off-white, royal blue, navy blue or sky-blue palettes will be eye soothing. Here, you can choose the hand paint or block paint design cushions. Even just print will double the beauty of the room.

Following the latest trend, you can decorate your living space with colorful & different patterned designed cushions. Geometric, rainbow, floral, zigzag, dot, circle or square patterns are mostly popular these days. You can also get this type of pattern in hand print or block design. Moreover, you can customize the designs as well.

Another important point is choosing the perfect shade of palate for the patterns. A perfect shade of palate will compliment the whole design in contrast with the couch or rug. Yes, patterned rug is also a part of this latest trend. For keeping a balance between single shade couch and patterned cushions, you can design a patterned rug for the center of the living space.

This duo will definitely comprehend the whole idea of launching a unique design. So, what if you could not apply patterns on walls? Try this out on a cushion and rug. You can also mix and match different cushion patterns to provide an impact to the design. Also, popular hand-painted patterns are trendy now-a-days. Therefore, you can either choose from the available pattern designs or customize them in the way you prefer.

The number of cushions that you can keep in your living space will actually depend on its size and the number of sofas. 3 seaters can take up to 5 cushions, 2 seaters up to 4 cushions and 1 seater should probably take just 1 cushion.

So, if you prefer to decorate your home with matte colors or rainbow palettes, then a house full of printed and painted cushions would definitely cheer you up and undoubtedly add beauty to the rooms! 


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