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Adorn Your Eco-Friendly Home

By Shayor Islam Anan

We all have to be a little eco-friendlier day to day, not just for ourselves but for the future of our planet. If you’re planning a renovation of your home or are moving into somewhere new and decorating your living space, a touch of sustainability will liven up your place and help you to take a step in transforming your life for a better tomorrow.

If you are thinking of freshening up your existing space in an environment-friendly way or exploring ideas for decorating your new home without harming the environment, don’t fret anymore. Contrary to popular beliefs, eco-friendly home décor is not very expensive, strange-looking, or difficult to maintain. There are hundreds of options out there to upgrade your home, renovate it and make it beautiful without spending too much money or making use of unnecessary energy, water or natural resources. It is up to you to make the choice!

Eco-friendly interior design focuses on improving indoor air quality as well as reducing the impact that furniture/decor purchases have on the environment. As a result, they contribute to lower air pollution in the environment and reduce the risk of health problems. So, consider these eco-friendly home decor tips to make your space as planet-friendly as possible!

Timeless wooden pieces

Wood is a natural resource that we take for granted. So when looking for accessories and furniture to feature in your home, check that the wood it’s made from comes from an eco-friendly source. Everything from dining tables to lamps to smartphone speakers can be made using eco-friendly wood, keeping you and the planet happy. Another tip to note is that wooden furniture naturally adds a luxurious accent to any space so if the house spaces need a little regal feel, try eco-friendly wooden furniture!

When it comes to eco-friendly tables, wood is the most common material used because it’s a natural, renewable, and durable material that works with nearly any room or interior design style. Wooden dining tables can be the most sophisticated yet sustainable statement piece for your home!

Touch of jute in every corner

A set of hand-knitted jute baskets is an ideal solution for organizing storage of items in the bathroom. These baskets will fit into any interior, it can be used for plants, in the nursery, living room, hallway and even in the kitchen. Not only are these pieces easy to use and easy to decorate, these are eco-friendly and sustainable. Their various usage helps to reuse and recycle in simple steps. These are readily available in local shops.

Energy-saving light bulbs for light fixtures

Solar energy is a great energy source, investment in solar panels will bring a great return. If you use power strip plugs, invest a little bit of money into the high-quality types and switch out your old ones. These power strips are more eco-friendly, and they allow you to switch off the strip when you don’t need it and will also save you money!

Revamp your current furniture or wall

Instead of buying all new decor or furniture items, find ways to recycle your old things and give them an entirely new look. You can personalize old furniture by purchasing eco-friendly paint (that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals), adding recycled knobs, or even painting over an old canvas. Not only is reusing old furniture more eco-friendly, but it also makes for fun projects and can save you hundreds of dollars. Who knew being creative and savvy could be so sustainable?

Vintage is always a good choice

Buying pre-owned items are the simplest method to have a positive impact on the environment with your home design selections. Some people even enjoy a worn-in or “distressed” appearance. Not to add that vintage decor is stylish and much less expensive than buying new. So go to your local thrift store, estate sales, and flea markets (or raid your grandmother’s attic for forgotten treasures)

Many eco-friendly home decor items exude a sense of minimalism, so they’re always great choices for those who adore the minimalist-chic look. Eco-friendly home supplies can be found in many shops online or local shops in person. There are all sorts of sustainable furniture and decor on the market, so you will have many options to choose from.

If you have a passionate love for the earth and a nicely decorated home, please choose eco-friendly home decor supplies and start your sustainability journey today!


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