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5 Staircase Ideas for Your Home to Drool Over

By Tabassum Sayeka

The second you hear the word staircase the first thing that strikes your brain is basic square-like structures sans any visual or aesthetic appeal. These days, staircases have gone beyond the mundane. In the modern era of vertical growth in the home space, staircases become an indispensable part of a home. They are visual enhancements to a home and make up much of the home decor.

So whether you’re anticipating a remodel in your future and need some beautiful stair design ideas for your house, or you simply love to admire architectural stunners, these steps will lead you there. In the list below, there is an ideal installation for every style and age of home and the inspiration that these pictures will drum up will, I think, prove to be valuable. Staircase ideas have never been so varied!

1. Say Hello to Traditional Woody Touches

Most of us have at least one piece of heritage heirloom that we love displaying. Why not spin it into a heritage-inspired staircase instead? A modern home can be given a traditional twist with a dark polished wooden staircase that has elegant grooves on the railing. This will speckle your home with some heritage charm. Wood, from barks of trees, adds warmth to any space when used. Wooden staircases bring in rustic beauty to any home. You can use wooden planks that are not only sturdy but occupy less space also. The space beneath wooden staircases is usually kept empty where you can place small items for temporary storage.

2. Twirling in style

Spiral or twirling staircase design with a delicately wrought iron railing is beautiful to look for your staircase design. The spiral staircase with a delicately wrought iron railing is beautiful to look at.

Spiral staircases save square meters because of their steep design. The most common variant is the one where the staircase takes a sharp U-turn after every four-to-five steps. This kind of geometrically curved staircase design is not advisable for a home with children or elderly couples as climbing it is cumbersome. Make sure that there is always a sufficient amount of light to climb up easily if you opt for this design. Rising from the middle of the living space, any white marvel twirls up stylishly giving an illusion that it is there to be a part of the decor. Let’s take the stairs to peep into the world above waiting to be explored.

3. Floating stairs

If edgy, striking interiors are what you wish for, then floating staircases are meant for you. These stairs change the face of your home and make it look chic and stylish. Floating stairs allow stairs to seemingly float unaided thanks to a clever feat of engineering that ensures most of the treads’ weight is supported by one wall. These are perfect if you love crisp architectural lines, minimal design, and maximum impact.

Floating stairs suit pretty much any contemporary home that is looking for an update. Just make sure that one end of the stairs is against a wall and you are good to go. Alternatively, you could also go for suspended railings on the open end of the stairs to give it a facelift!

4. Metal & mesh play to create an industrial theme

If you’re renovating a house or converting an existing property, reflecting the building’s heritage through similar materials is a great way to capture an authentic build finish. Any curved metal staircase in a converted water tower carefully navigates the elevation’s windows while expertly mirroring their dramatic arched steel-frames. Steel staircases and meshes are really a great way to secure your house. The only drawback of this kind of material is that it is difficult to dismantle. Whether your stairs are straight landing, half landing or spiral landing, installing mesh on the underside of your staircase will make your staircase feel more secure and give it an industrial edge. Use metal mesh sheets for added effect and you will neither have completely floating steps nor will you have boring simple steps.

5. Blending Old and New Features & Restore Your Staircase

This industrial glass and metal staircase is just one incredible addition that saved this modern home that was once a Georgian ruin. The original exterior wall and the glass balustrade create a fabulous contrast between the restored building and the contemporary additions.

As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Wooden staircases can last decades if properly cared for or renovated. Saving an old staircase is an achievable DIY task with such new addition, and it can become a statement piece in a renovation, as this pared-back cottage renovation goes to show.

These staircase design ideas for your homes will add to its charisma and charm for a smart chic look. More so these designs are big on style and save space too. So, the next time you’re designing your home, make an informed choice and choose the right kind of stairs to lift the interiors of your truly unique home.


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