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5 Key Areas to Focus While Decorating a Narrow Living Room

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

If you are living in a greatly populated city, chances are your living room is not as wide as you wished it would be. Surely, you can’t make the room wider in actuality, but there are ways you can make your narrow living room look broader. Also, the focus should not always be on making the room look bigger, the focus should be on making the room presentable to your guests. Now you’ll know about the main focus points while decorating your narrow living room.

Color of the Walls

Did you know, the color of your living room walls can have a great impact on how large or small it feels like? Yes, It might sound a little hard to believe but lighter colors make your room feels bigger than it actually is. And according to an article from mydomaine.com (by Gabrielle Savoie), 6 colors essentially can make your room look bigger.

They are:

  • Stark White
  • Soft Black
  • Light Taupe
  • Blush Pink
  • Dark Navy
  • Cool Gray

Among them, stark white and cool gray are best suited for living rooms, but you can always use the other colors according to the color theme of the house.

You can go for wallpaper or illusions too. From the vast collection of Berger Illusions, I would recommend these designs following the color theme described above.


After painting the wall, the selection and the placement of the furniture are two very significant things to do. Here are some key things to consider:

  • The basic rule is simple; choosing furniture that fits the space of the room, and trying not to squeeze too much into the living room.
  • L-shaped furniture work wonders for narrow architectural spaces. 
  • Using multifunctional furniture; Use stools as seats, sofas which also works as beds, etc.
  • The color of the furniture should be light and should be the same or comparable with the color of the wall.
  • You can use a snuggler instead of a bulky sofa.
  • You can go for a sofa with legs and no stuffing on the base of the furniture. That will create an illusion of an open living room.

Creative Decoration

Although painting the walls and setting up the furniture are the basic areas of our living room decoration, we need another sole point just for the creative part of decorating the living room. Now let’s talk about some décor ideas for your narrow living room.

  • To create the illusion of space, mirrors play a big role in a small living room. The oldest trick for small rooms, but work wonders.
  • Decorate Vertically: All the paintings, photo frames, and wallpapers could be vertically placed to make more space.
  • Using wall baskets and near-ceiling storage for extra space. Near-ceiling storage can be camouflaged with the walls.
  • Gold décor helps to create more reflection on the mirrors.
  • Add Plants: Adding plants in your living room will add a living color throughout the room. Interesting textures will be added by this plan which will help to add layers to your narrow living room.
  • Add a customized media center if you prefer media centers in the living room instead of any other rooms, the customized media center will free up more space than pre-designed ones.
  • Cut the clutters as much as possible, a cluttered room will add an extra weight. A minimalistic approach is a better approach for your narrow living room.
  • Choose curtains that complement the furniture and the color of the wall.
  • If you are a bookworm, adding a bookshelf into your living will make your small living room lively. But make sure to add the shelf smartly so that it doesn’t take too much space, preferably a wall bookshelf.


The combination of natural light and artificial light is another key to opening up space in your living room. Make sure to follow these tricks for lighting in your narrow living room.

  • A big window is key for natural lights.
  • Create space using a hanging pendant light which is carefully positioned round coffee table or a center table.
  • Ceiling LED lights and lamps are also space creators, also provide an elegant lighting system. 


The last and the most important area you need to focus on is balance. The term might sound vague, but if you think profoundly you will know the most significant job in designing a narrow living room is to balance out what to put in and what to put out. For instance, if you are going for a media center in your living room, you should not opt for a bookshelf. If you have a big window, you might not have to go big on the artificial lighting. Likewise, if you are going for a big sofa, you should go for a small center table or just a small coffee table. I hope you get the idea. Adding layers and balancing between the layers is the core job of decorating a room.

Now that you got all the décor ideas you need to embellish your narrow living room, now it’s time to go creative and balance among the ideas, according to your wish and your living room architecture.


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