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Welcome, 2022!

By Shayor Islam Anan

New year, new beginnings. With the melancholy of leaving another year and the excitement to welcome a new one, it’s finally time to embrace 2022 and bid our saddest goodbyes to 2021. New year’s celebration has always been special regardless of how good or bad the previous year has been. So, we have just the right ideas for you to celebrate the new year in the grandest yet pocket-friendly way. 2022, here we come!

New year props & selfie booth

A fun aspect to all parties is having something unexpected or something unique. As much as we would like to splurge on props, they are ultimately discarded after the night of the party. So, to save up on any regrets, it’s better to make DIY props for new years. Fun elements such as sunglasses, hats, mustaches can be made with any form of hard paper. Coloring can also help to brighten the vibe.

Another interesting take on decorations has been the popularity of selfie or photograph booths. Everyone wants to frame pictures in beautiful backgrounds and to appease that, decor has taken a right turn to having photo booths at home or at the party center. This can be the highlight of the entire party scene because who doesn’t like taking pictures?

The DIY props can be placed beside the selfie booth so that party goers can use them!

Not just fancy decorations, even colorful cardboards, wallpapers and curtains can be used to make the selfie booth!

Throw a themed party

Parties and celebrations are always more fun when you have a theme to follow. It sets a communal message for everyone and also shows how different people celebrate and showcase their interpretation of the theme. For new years celebration, a James Bond theme would be perfect. Or, you could even keep it light and have a pajama themed party.

You could even set the theme according to your favourite Harry Potter movie. A themed party doesn’t always have to have special dress codes, even specifying colors can set the mood for a night of fun!

Saying goodbye to 2021

We’ve all heard of ‘new year resolutions’ and ‘promises’. We make those resolutions to follow through in the new year but we rarely make it till the end. So for something fun, instead of ‘resolutions’, write things you were thankful for or were proud of in 2021! This not only helps us to say goodbye in the best way but also sets the right frame of mind for the new year!

You can even write words of encouragement for your friends or family in the post-it wall! 

The year is ending so make sure that all of your plans come to life one last time for 2021! Start prepping for the new year celebration and use these amazing ideas for some inspiration and decor ideas. We have accumulated some of the trendiest ideas that will surely brew you the perfect recipe for an amazing new years party. We wish you a Happy New Year full of blessings and happiness!


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