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Turning weekends into escapades

By Shayor Islam Anan

Let’s celebrate weekends

Weekends have turned into small windows of happiness that offer us respite from the dull and monotonous lockdown life. We can’t go out regularly due to the lockdowns and can’t visit our favorite restaurants or even try out newly opened places. The possibility of going out and having fun with our friends and family has also been lost while hectic work from home schedules and constant online classes keep us confined in rooms. These are causing stress and bringing unhappiness to many of us.

 Weekends are the only free time without deadlines that many of us look forward to. So, let’s make these weekends worthwhile!

Possible options for weekend fun

Since lockdowns are very common these days, we are stuck in our homes even on weekends. One way to make sure our weekends are fun is to arrange small scale tea parties, picnics. These picnics do not involve traveling, expensive items or neglecting safety guidelines. So, let’s look at our options.

Ideas for the location

Picnics or tea parties do not always mean huge spaces with many people. It can be a small event with our family and our closest friends. In the pandemic, it can even be a small get-together with our neighbors. Rooftops are an ideal location for these small-scale events. Rooftops are easy to access and have adequate space. For those who have gardening space in their front yard or anywhere inside their house with good lighting, we suggest holding these events there as well.

The necessary items

Making a list of necessary things will help you to prepare beforehand. This only leaves assembling the needed things on the day of the event.

Some things you may need:

1. Blankets, rugs, pillows

A picnic blanket or rug can elevate the aesthetic of the event and provide comfort against the ground. You can throw in some pillows for the added comfort.

2. Food assortments

Tea parties or picnics are not complete without our favorite foods, that is why a small selection and portion should be present. In recent times, a charcuterie board has been famous for its wide selection of foods. A charcuterie board is an assortment of meats, cheeses, artisan breads, olives, fruit, and nuts, all artfully arranged on a serving board. There are many online stores that deliver a fully assorted charcuterie board.

3. Board games or other fun games

Games such as UNO, Monopoly etc. can be a mood booster and can be played by everyone. This can also serve as a bonding moment.

4. Music system (speaker, Bluetooth)

The little details such as a good music system can set the vibe or mood of the event. You can create a Spotify list and have the attendees select their favorite songs.

5. Basket to carry items

A picnic basket is a good investment as it makes sure that you can carry all the items easily. The food items, drinks, candles, and many other items can fit inside the basket. They also serve for aesthetic purposes.

6. Flowers, candles, cameras

Now that you have a good idea for the food items, let’s look at the little details that can elevate the vibe of the rooftop picnic or tea-party. Disposable cameras are back and trendy. Other little details that can jazz up the entire look of your event are flowers or candles. They can set the mood perfectly.

You should pay attention to the timing of the weekend celebration. Early mornings or afternoons are a good time as the sunlight provides natural lighting.

 In such times, we have to make sure our everyday life isn’t fully mechanical and full of stress. When we start getting tired of staying indoors for safety protocols, we have to take matters into our own hands and celebrate the little things in life, like a free weekend! So, treat yourself to a small window of happiness by arranging a much-needed weekend celebration in a cost-effective way while maintaining health guidelines.


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