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The jingle bells are ringing!

By Shayor Islam Anan

Merry Christmas! It’s that time of the year again where the red and white colors adorn most of the shops and excited kids are happy to meet Santa Claus! The spirit of Christmas is one confined to one group of people. It’s a holiday loved and celebrated by many which is why we have come up with the most perfect, doable and fun Christmas party activity ideas for people of all ages to enjoy!

Secret Santa

It’s never a bad time for presents and what better way to end the year than giving your loved ones gifts that they have wanted? Arrange a gift giving session with your friends and family. Before a week of the party, draw names from a hat of all the party attendees and keep it a secret until the bid day. Buy a special gift for the person whose name you have picked out!

Keep it a secret and be their Secret Santa! The fun part is finding out how well your secret santa knows your taste!

Flower and wreath arrangement

Flowers are the best decor on a budget. Flowers and wreaths can make any normal day more festive and fun. Christmas is the best time to have flower arrangements around the house to make it special. Reds, greens, and muted colors perfectly capture the essence of winter and cold. Wreaths can also be hung in front of the house alongside fairy lights on the day before Christmas. Flower and fairy lights can never disappoint you!

Bring out the charcuterie board

A charcuterie board is the arrangement of different kinds of snacks, cheese, finger foods in one table. But, what you put on your charcuterie board is completely up to you! And Christmas celebrations are the perfect occasion to make one. Make a list of favorite snacks of the party attendees by asking them beforehand and enjoy the luxe delicacy on the day of the party.

End the night with a movie

It’s never a bad time to have a movie marathon with your favourites. Christmas parties are the chance to wear the cheekiest outfits you won and watch your favourite movies. Select a fan favourite movie that everyone likes and bring out the popcorn and turn on the movie screen! End the night with giggles and mischief, unless you want to be on Santa’s good list!

Christmas is an universal joy and should be celebrated with your loved ones doing your favourite activities. Regardless of the occasion, it’s safe to remember that a small party or fun activities with friends and family is the perfect start to the holiday season! Here’s to hoping that you get inspired by the holiday spirit and try out these ideas as they are easy and fun for everyone!


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