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Spook up your Home for a Halloween Party

By Kuhu Kinnori

Invite Spookiness Inside Your Home for Halloween

The night is pitch-black. A flock of bats scatters above your head under the faint moonlight. An eerie cackle or an obscure shadow runs a chill down your spine. We are pretty familiar with this narrative of Halloween in the western world.

Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve, extends worldwide as a celebration of playful mischievousness and shenanigans, even to communities that don’t traditionally observe the event. People around the world gather with their friends and family to have a fun celebration with Jack-o’-lanterns, trick-or-treat pranks, haunted house-themed parties, and so much more. As the world prepares for the ominous night of October 31st this year, it’s time for you to don your favorite spooky costume, and get ready to spook your home up with an amazing Halloween party!

A Touch of Mischief and Mayhem

Many places in Dhaka celebrate Halloween through themed events and parties. You can bring the flavor of Halloween indoors with novel decorative ideas that are appropriate for the season and enough to impress the guests and entertain the family alike.

To throw a kickass Halloween party, you want the decor to convey the chilling and horrific connotations of the event. Today, loads of Halloween ornaments and accessories can be bought in different themed shops in person or online. Although, it is much more fun and artistic, and not to mention cheap, to make DIY crafts at home. If there are children in the house, their participation in the party planning adds meaning and wholesomeness to the entire arrangement, as kids find the most pleasure in these sorts of creative activities.

Wall Decorations to Give your Guests a Fright

Fake cobwebs of yarn or paper are perhaps the most popular choice of wall decorations. Hanging streamers or garlands with cutouts of ghosts, witches, and broomsticks can be hung from the entrance to your home and the living space. Origami or cutout paper bats and spiders could be attached to the walls and the doorframe at the entrance. Moreover, balloons, particularly black, red and orange ones also go very well with all kinds of Halloween decor. Besides, floating ghosts can easily be made by draping white clothes and drawing faces on them as needed. There is no end to what elements you can incorporate into your decoration– vampires, werewolves, zombies, mummies– let your imagination take over!

Lighting Ideas to express your inner Macabre

Turning down the usual lights at home and turning up a myriad of candles add a rustic and gothic touch to your indoors. While white candles are the regular choice, people turn to scarier ones like red, black, or candles shaped like sinister monsters. You can also look into buying spooky, seasonal-scented candles that add to the spirit of the decor.

The carved pumpkin or the Jack-o’-Lantern bridge the aesthetic of the fall season with Halloween. Although managing a giant pumpkin might be difficult, you don’t need to shy away from using the idea of the Jack-o’-lantern. You could make DIY Jack-o’-lanterns using ‘paper-mâché’ and put a light inside for the complete experience. String lights with little pumpkin light bulbs are also available for hanging on walls and railings.

Spruce up the Living Space with Themed Decor

Some Halloween enthusiasts bring in elements from their favorite movies, series, cartoons, or animes. A die-hard “Stranger Things” fan would make a hand-drawn alphabet wall with fairy lights and hang up Demogorgons; meanwhile, a family obsessed with the Addams family might opt for thorny rose stems, black flowers, and an overall dark and dramatic vibe. Recently, crime thrillers like the ‘Dahmer series are gaining popularity and are expected to debut in Halloween decorations this year. A neatly placed fake skeleton in the corner of the room can be a great practical joke for house guests. 

A “Stranger Things” -themed decoration

A Daunting Dining Experience

The Dining space needs to invite the guests into the Halloween vignette. The tables could be decorated with whimsical paper witch hats. Handmade cutlery holders with scary designs and matching napkins add a nice touch. A small cauldron could be an excellent alternative to regular bowls to serve food for just this event.

Party Foods that are just Eerie-sistaible

People put an impressive spin on party foods when it comes to Halloween. Fried sausages or doughs carefully detailed with ketchup to appear as bloody fingers are macabre but deliciously creative. Cake, cupcake toppers, and baked cookies can be made into the shape of Frankenstein, Count Dracula, undead zombies, or some phantasmic characters. Leaving out candy and chocolate bars on a pail or bucket is a great idea to encourage trick-or-treating among the young, little guests of the house. Healthy food options can include fruits cut up into mischievous, adorable monsters.

Horror-themed Fun Activities for the Party

Apart from the food preparations, have arrangements for some activities that everyone can enjoy. Scary songs playing in the background can intensify the spine-chilling ambiance. Scary storytelling is a fun activity for children and adults alike, so you could make a corner for just that. You could host friendly cosplay competitions with some homely prize options for the winners and participants. Charades based on the timeless Halloween classic can liven up the spirits of the festival.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is gradually becoming a cultural bridge between the east and the west. In our daily stressful lives, it allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy life with fun, magic, playfulness, and a bit of spookiness. With these tips for decorations, you too can throw a fantastic Halloween party. Have a Spook-tacular Halloween!


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