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Pitter Patter Raindrops, Falling from the Sky!

By Sumaiya Azmi

Rain has lit up the imaginations of poets, philosophers, authors, and painters since the dawn of life. Our affection for those silver liquid drops is so intense that we get goosebumps just listening to Billy Joe Thomas croon “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” in his soulful voice! The monsoon season is honored with such admiration because it pours much-needed relief from the scorching heat on earth. So, with no doubt whatsoever, the raindrops marching on our windows call for a celebration, don’t they?

Here, we’ve assembled some fun schemes for you to greet and celebrate the season of rain. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Throw an Indoor Picnic

The fresh aroma of grass, the soothing murmur of a streamlet and a beautiful open field under the blue all come to our mind whenever we hear the word ‘picnic’. Well, there is no hard and fast rule that claims a picnic must be held outdoors! Indoor picnics are a great bet when it comes to celebrating a wet afternoon.

Picnics, of course, are all about delicious treats to munch on, and the moment becomes even sweeter when your loved ones are around. If you prefer a laidback and fuss-free meal, serve your invitees some hot fritters, chips and dips, fruits, deviled eggs and tea sandwiches. Pair these monsoon munchies up with a cup of hot tea and relish the pitter-patter on your window panes!

If finger foods aren’t your thing, put your chef apron on and turn your indoor picnic into a multi-course banquet. In that scenario, no one will argue that khichdi, omelet and fried eggplant reign supreme among all monsoon platters. For a more regal feel, add fried fish or preparation of chicken, beef, or mutton as a side dish to complement this luscious meal. To prop up the illusion of a cheerful picnic, clear a portion of your living room floor rather than the dining area and recreate an indelible dining experience.

Calm Your Soul with a Good Book

Nothing can beat the pleasure of cuddling up in a corner, reading on a plush couch, and lighting up your spirit with a great book in wet weather. Grab a book from the genre you love, whether it’s a thriller, a classic or a humorous one, and lose your soul in it. You can hang curtains with a gorgeous string light on the window close to your reading couch to brighten your mood.

The Chef de Quarantine!

When you can’t step out due to the epic downpour, let your inner chef bloom. Baking has long been hailed as the perfect mood booster on rainy days. So, turn up the heat in the oven to try your hand at a toothsome pie, cookies, cupcakes, nutritious brownies or muffins. To spice things up, get your entire family on board in this kitchen game and put up your own familial sweetmeat war!

Stomp Out the Procrastinator in You

The perk of a rainy day is that it pushes you to wrap up the things that you might otherwise put off. Cleaning up your wardrobe, doing the pile of laundry, or repotting your plants are all good grownup options on this list.

Some Monsoon Themed Decorating Ideas:

Spanning from a harmonious rain-inspired bedroom to a reading corner that leaves everyone in awe, there are countless monsoon decorations to spruce up your home. If you’re in love with rain, bring that passion into your home through melding rainy colors and textures, and prepare to welcome the raindrops!

  • The angelic glimpse of falling raindrops and the rain-drenched landscape is indeed a spiritual treat. So, drape the windows with those translucent curtains, such as sheer or lace ones, to incorporate a bit of the surreal splendor of monsoon into your room.
  • When there are glum clouds looming overhead, our house and the inner décor seem to reflect the dim weather as well. Therefore, bring in the bright hues to dance across your home and brighten it up. Go for bright-colored pillowcases and bedsheets to keep your décor glowing. You can add a load of colorful accents, such as flower vases, table lamps, planters and rain paintings.  
  • To wipe out the melancholic ambiance from the dark spaces in your home, experiment with aromatic candles, mood lighting, and chandeliers, or set up a floor lamp in a corner to create a peripheral radiance.
  • Wind chimes offer a beautiful melodic tune in the middle of a soothing monsoon breeze and cloudburst. To let the sound calm your spirit when the wind blows, hang a wind chime at your front entrance or near a window in your home.

When the thunderhead clouds come floating on our horizon, there is no doubt they embrace mother nature and all of her creatures in sacred bliss. However, the other side of the coin also whispers to be cautious during the monsoon. The frequent rain can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and the humid climate might lead to the rapid growth of microbe-borne illnesses. So, remember to safeguard the health of you and your dear ones and keep your home well-ventilated and clean in the wet season.


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