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Making Teacher’s Day extra special

By Shayor Islam Anan

No matter where you are in the world, chances are that you’ve had a teacher that you still remember for the positive impact that they made in your life—someone that helped you finally grasp a challenging concept or experience a learning moment that defined your classroom experience.

Every year on October 5, we celebrate World Teacher’s Day. It is a time to remember those special educators who supported us when we were students, and show gratitude to those who inspired us in the classroom. The pandemic has made this Teacher’s Day extra special. Students are finally returning to classrooms and the year long online school is finally ending. Not only that, but it’s also a day for you to realize how you may now impact students in the same way! So, the celebration of Teacher’s Day in 2021 has to be extra special!

Now that online classes are finally ending and the offline classes and our everyday life is going back to normal, let’s appreciate the teachers who worked hard during online classes!

Here are some fun ideas to celebrate Teacher’s Day that will definitely put a smile on your favorite teacher’s face!

Teacher’s Day games

Children can organize outdoor or indoor games for teachers. Here are some ideas:

  • Football or any outdoor games.
  • Scrabble contest.
  • Carrom competitions.
  • Art time with teachers.

It does not have to be just games either. It can be interactive sessions with teachers with fun conversations. 


Messages through cards

Teachers’ day celebration is the best way students can express their gratitude to their teachers. It also helps to develop speeches, organize parties with others in class or dedicate quotes to teachers. These can have small appreciative messages for your favorite teachers.

These can be found in shops but can also be made easily at home.

Artsy gift ideas

Occasions like Teacher’s Day is when the class or a group of students should come together and use their powerful imagination to create something beautiful. This is extra special, as you will be creating it for your teachers. You can use many DIYs and make decorations, or small gifts that the teachers can use.

A pen stand or a chalk holder can be a brilliant gift for a teacher.

 Dream catchers are always an incredible gift for teachers.

A bookmark made out of hand made sheets, and using basic printing using paint and some pattern would look great.

Lastly, to surprise the teacher, students can leave sweet messages or drawings on school boards. Everyone can leave personalized notes to show their gratitude to the teachers.

This pandemic has given us further proof that teachers go the extra mile to make sure students learn the best way in an interactive environment. So to celebrate going back to school and meeting our hard-working teachers yet again, follow any of these ideas for a good Teacher’s Day. Their hard-work definitely deserves special appreciation!


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