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Let’s Plan a Baby Shower!

By Sadia Islam

Of course, a baby shower party can be fun!

Start from the beginning

There are so many awesome ideas you can use to make the baby shower party a fun and enjoyable one. But, before that, focus on the basic things. Choose the place and time wisely. If you plan it too late or too early, the mother can be overwhelmed and feel problem. Consider the budget, guest list and other important things too.

Here, you have a few steps to make the baby shower a perfect event. There are some basic things that you need to check first.

Choose the location

At first choose the location, date and time. You can arrange it both inside and outside. If you are planning to decorate by yourself, then the cost will be upon you. On the other hand, you can choose a decorator. For basic set up, like- stage, decorator may charge you 3000+ Taka. There are some Social media pages and decorator groups, who will also decorate everything of your event. It will cost 7,000-12,000 Taka. You can do the same outside of your house too. Just try to choose a place and time which won’t put any pressure on the mother.


The food and its budget is very important. Normally, you can have platter for the guest, which may include sandwich, burger, roll, muffin or other snacks items. It can vary from 300-500 taka per person. If you add special dessert, the price can go up to 5,000 Taka or more. Besides, you must take a cake for the party. You can buy the cake from Sumi’s, Cooper’s and other bakeries. You can choose the flavor and weight of the cake according to your taste and number of people.


Of course, you would love to take photograph of the moments. Here, you can hire a photographer for the whole event within 5,000-7,000 Taka.

And then, it comes to the part where you can really have some fun, which is the key idea! Which type of baby shower party do you want to arrange for the mother and the child? Here are some really fun ideas-

  • Invite the male too!

Baby shower is normally a lady thing. But, the new mother may want to have her partner beside. So, let’s make a change here. Invite the male persons too. With the friends and family- it will be fun!

  • What about outside?
Throw a party outside of the house!

Are you just thinking about doing something outside of the house? Let’s make a grill party! Throw it just outside of the house and enjoy. That’s not all! You can arrange a bunch of games, decorate the place with balloons, light and enjoy it like an outing.

Let the Mamma enjoy!

Wait for a second. It’s not something for only your enjoyment. The mother should enjoy and relax. She is going through a lot. Let’s do something for her. Take a good care of her. It can be some makeup, pedicure, massage or Spa. Whatever it is, make her feel fresh and relax.

Let the mother enjoy her moment!
  • Build a story

What you and all the people at the baby shower are thinking will just be in the memory. But, you can keep it with you forever, if you just record everyone’s feeling. Let all the people around the new mother tell something. It will be recorded and will always be there.

  • Girl’s night out!

Maybe, she is going to be a mother. But, she loves to spend time with her friend, doesn’t she? Let the mother do a girl’s night out. You may play games together too. It will relax her, help her to put all the burdens down from her head.

Make her happy and take the best care of her!

Every new idea that you will plant in the baby shower will be fun. So, just do brainstorming. Don’t exceed the limit. Make this baby shower party something memorable for the Mamma!


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