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It’s anniversary!!! Shouldn’t your house get a decoration?

By Sadia islam Bristi

Choose the anniversary ideas

Is the wait over finally? This is your time then. Time to celebrate your anniversary after the long wait. So, how many years has it been? Is it the first year? Or maybe the 10th? Either way, we want to contribute to your wonderful affair. Let’s celebrate your anniversary in a perfect way with some amazing home decorations.

Take a look at the ideas below:

Fill the room with balloons

Put some balloons in your room

If you want to go for a colorful and vibrant theme, here’s an easy and quick tip for you. Buy some regular balloons and helium balloons in the color of your choice. Fill up the room along the ceiling and walls. You can pick all red balloons, or you can pick various colors. But whatever the color is, balloons will turn your dull daily living room into a lively one for sure! To make the fun better, tie some sweet and colorful notes or pictures with balloon.

Use flowers

Let’s go back to the classics. Beauty and fragrance both come with flowers. So, you can pick some rose petals and sprinkle it all around the room.

Make the flower special!

Besides placing some more flowers in the vase, you can make different shapes with rose petals and put candles in it. For better a surprise, make an aisle with flower petals starting right from the door or go for  flowers chandeliers.

Spread some light

Fairy lights and canopies the most amazing thing to make your room look better. If you don’t like using much color, then this idea can save your time and effort with a stylish anniversary look for your room. Hang the light, spread them into the right place.

You can make words through them. For colors, you can use colorful lights and shades too. Even, if you don’t want to spread the lights, place them in a clear bottle. With the light from the bottle, it will be nice, right?

Decorate your plan with lots of light!

Color the wall

Paint the wall!

Here comes a little bit more effort consuming idea for your anniversary. You can choose any of your memorable pictures for the wall and make it color with Berger paints. Believe me, the surprise, the laughter on your partner’s face and the long-term sustainability of the paint- it will be worthy of all the effort.

Spread the fragrance

Yes, flowers and scented candles can do the job. But for the better, choose a mild and exotic flavor to spread around the room.

Hang the pictures

Go through the memory lane

Do you want to make your anniversary decoration more personal? Then, just hang some rope around the room and tie some pictures with it. It will create an amazing memory tour for you and your partner.

Candle and the moment

Get help from candles

You can use candles anywhere in your anniversary plan. It can be the stairs, it can be the table, any shape on the floor or anything. Just place the candle accordingly. For a better experience, buy some fragrance and colorful based candles.

Add some music

Play the tracks that you both hold closest to your hearts, right at the very moment the celebration starts. For your partner, you can choose a romantic dance track too. All of them, if you have any memorable videos, like your wedding video or spontaneous videos, go ahead and play it!

So, take your pick and make your anniversary the most memorable one yet. Good luck!


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