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Eid Celebration: Let Happiness Flourish for All!

By Sumaiya Azmi

Eid, a celebration filled with peace and delight, ushers in a sacred aura all around the globe. The happiness a devotee of Islam feels on Eid is as pure as the fresh snowfall that has just touched mother earth! This religious fiesta inspires us to let go of all the filth from our past and embrace a life loaded with good deeds. Other than donning new apparel and perfume, there are loads of fun schemes to celebrate a blessed Eid. If you’re in a fog about where to begin, the Berger clan is here to help!

Cooking Together is Fun!

It’s great when the entire family dines together, but it’s even better when they cook together. Families that share a kitchen tend to remain together, after all! Prepare a unique meal that the family does not often eat; it might be dessert, spiced cuisine, something sour, or something in between.

Host a Little Get-Together

Being with your near and dear ones is the sweetest bit of Eid. If you miss the chatter and bumble of a home full of people, arrange a get-together with your friends and family. Whether you’re bonding over a board game or just swapping memories of happiness and heartache, it all becomes pleasurable when your loved ones are around!

Spread Eid Happiness to your Neighbors

The religion of Islam urges us to be compassionate to our neighbors, regardless of their color, creed, or race. You can prepare a simple treat for them and put a beautiful Eid message on a colorful card or mini-poster. This small gesture will bring a big smile to their face, for sure!

Decorate and Celebrate

 We all agree that a decorated home conjures up the word “celebration.” Here are some ideas for an Eid special upgrade!

  • Place bright lanterns, neon signs, or led lights near the window or as a centerpiece to create a gorgeous ambiance. This will add a cheerful Eid glow to your home.
  • You can put cut-out crescent moon and star patterns and hang them around the house. Your home will be filled with the radiance of Eid.
  • The pleasant aroma of blossoms and herbs can arouse the sensation of Eid. You can use roses, sandalwood, and an Arabian incense burner to create a beautiful Eid mood.
  • Of course, Eid table decorations need to be much more elegant! White and golden hues reflect the grandeur of Eid, so you can prefer these colors when it comes to your Eid tableware. The table can be draped with a white, gold, or patterned tablecloth.

Last but not least, bring the celebration to an end with Dua and Sadaqah. Eid is one of those auspicious celebrations that soothes our spirit and creates an optimistic and beautiful aura around us. It enthuses us to bring pleasure to the hearts of those in need. So, this Eid, let us cleanse our souls with generous deeds.


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