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A Pandemic Christmas Celebration: Lighten Up Your Gloomy Year with a Christmas Party

By Mamnun Ahmed Nihal

At the end of a strange year, we all deserve a brighter Christmas, which will help us forget about the past miseries and emotionally prepare us for the next year. Christmas, commonly known as ‘Borodin’ in our country is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. But this year, throwing a Christmas party will be a great challenge as we have to keep in mind the safety issues. So today, I will help you arrange a safe, enjoyable Christmas party for your friends and family members.

Introduce Online Invitation Cards

Instead of physically sending invitation cards, we can make online invitation cards for the guests. We can use PowerPoint to make an invitation card without any hassle.

Select a Well-Spaced Area

To ensure less crowding, the larger the space the better. Select your biggest room for the main party area, or if possible, making an outdoor party would be ideal. For outdoor parties, masks should be always worn.

Limit Your Invitation

You should have a limitation on inviting people, and it should be determined according to your space. Small family parties are mostly recommended.

Decorate Heavily

As you will probably have to spend most of your Christmas time at home, heavy decoration will certainly brighten up your mood. From Christmas trees to Christmas cookies, the more the merrier. Instead of buying decorating items, the DIY decoration is something you could opt for.

Put Sanitizers Everywhere

Sanitizing hands and clothes are very crucial for making this event safer. Hence, putting sanitizers in the entrance/exit, near washrooms, on the table, and other areas where surface touching is a possibility, should be a priority.

Food Safety

Even though foods are generally not contagious but the acts around food such as touching of the same serving spoon by many people could be a great threat. So, these safety measures should not be overlooked.

  • Using disposable tableware and tablecloths
  • Using paper-towels instead of regular ones
  • A distant sitting arrangement
  • Serving warm foods
  • Serving pre-served food or only one person serving the food, instead of buffet or self-serving

Game Night

Playing games with friends and family brings us the greatest joy. But this time we will have to select the games which don’t involve any touching, such as Charades. Card games should be avoided this year. Online games such as among us can be played too.

Making a Christmas Playlist

A mixtape of new and old songs, starting with the new ones and ending with the old Christmas songs throughout the part will set a great mood for your guests.

Bring Santa on Zoom

This year Santa went online, so bringing an online Santa for your kids will definitely make their day.

Christmas Pajama Party

If the party is only among the close family members, you can make it a Christmas-themed pajama for everyone. Sounds like a comfortable Christmas party doesn’t it?

Making a Christmas Themed Photo Booth

Photo booths are a trend nowadays. We can see people using photo booths in almost every event. But this might create a gathering, so you have to be extremely careful in choosing this trend.

Alternative Options

Instead of arranging a party where everyone must come in person, there are other party ideas for you.

  • Remote Christmas Party: An online Christmas party where everyone meets on zoom or google meet and watch movies together on Netflix and play online games like among us together.
  • Drive-By-Party: Instead of holding a party at your home, you can bring the party with you on a long drive admiring the lightings of the night adornments of Christmas decorated houses. You can act as a Santa by delivering gifts to your close ones by driving to their houses. You can drop off food items too.

To arrange any party in this state, will surely be a challenge, but if you can make this party a success, you will be experiencing fulfillment together with your close ones. You can also apply the ideas explained here to any housewarming parties you might arrange. The Berger family wishes you and your family a safe and pleasant Christmas.


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