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A Light of Love

By M. Rakinul Islam

Whenever we talk about a romantic gesture out of a few things that pop up, the ultimate gesture derives from a candlelit dinner. If we take a stroll down history lane, it is difficult to determine where the concept of romanticism and candlelit dinners joined, but there was a time where dining by a candle light was in no way trendy. Back in the 19th century, any restaurant that acquired electricity was quick to boast about it, with their flashy lights luminating a room and turning it into a stage and at the same time we first start to grasp the importance of candlelit dining experiences. To run away from the glares of society, some elitists preferred the low-lit ambiance of a candle that in itself created an understanding of peace and subtilty.

If you tend to be a more critical reader of ours don’t click away just yet, there’s a scientific reasoning behind the whole concept and it has to do with the amount of light. Since the whole atmosphere is set in a low light condition, it causes our pupils to dilate, making them bigger and this in turn makes the individual more attractive, as a matter so, dilated pupils were trendy even in the 16th century where women used a solution from a toxic plant called Belladonna to make their pupils big (Do not try this at home or anywhere else).

Fact check: https://youtu.be/x3iFAR5XfiI

Now that we have convinced you about the importance and scientific validity of a candlelit dinner, let us see how we can create a memorable night! 


To start off it is harder than you think! While we choose the center piece of the night there are multiple factors at play here and we will take a look at the different factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing one. But one thing is for sure, scented candles are to be!

  • Flavor: While choosing your array of scented candles it is important to note that smell plays a vital role with taste. So, it is important to avoid strong scented candles which might be disruptive for the meal itself, so a sweet mellow scenting candle should do the trick.
  • Size, Color and Quantity: Depending on whether you want one or multiple candles you can either opt for a single large one for the center table or multiple small candles, or both! The color can be used to match the interior or exterior of the venue (Depending on the venue, of course) but a personal opinion of mine is to use a red colored candles for the table to evoke the romantic emotion.
  • Candle Holder: It always pays to be safe while playing with fire. Keeping that in mind, an appropriate candle holder is not only important as a decorative but it plays as a reliable base for the candle and holds it in place.
  • Candle Type: Candles can be classified into 5 main categories and the staple for a candlelit dinner are taper candles, but why stop there? To create the best output from a properly planned romantic evening mix it up a bit and try using different types of candles to decorate the venue. A mix of tapers, votive and container candles can change the outlook of any venue!


Now that we have gathered the candles, it is imminent that we chose a perfect place to suit the aesthetics of our arrangements. While each of the settings has its pros and cons, it is important to consider the convenience of the guest while choosing.

Home Sweet Home: While the option sounds obvious, preparing a proper setting is key here. The dinner table is an easy option but other options to consider here are the balcony, living room floor and the bedroom.

First Meet: Another lucrative option to arouse the kindling emotion of love at first sight is to visit the site itself. The arrangements will vary but with a little here and there a perfect setting can be created anywhere! 

Rooftop: If you are blessed with the ability to enjoy the benefits of a rooftop at your dwelling, it can set a perfect mood under the open sky and enhance the characteristics of a candlelit dinner.

Step It Up

To go the extra mile for that special someone there are additional things you can try to enhance the experience:

  • Flowers: A fundamental word of love that can be expressed through an object are flowers, after making sure your loved one isn’t allergic, this can be a game-changer.
  • Music: Nothing gets your emotions running more than melodious music that is on par with the ambiance. (See how music can inspire your wall paint here: https://www.bergerhomediaries.com/painting-inspirations/5-songs-to-inspire-the-paint-on-your-wall/)
  • Invite in Style: While you are at it, you might as well make a romantic gesture out of all the small details and send out a well-written text or letter to your partner for an invitation to your perfectly planned dinner.
  • Plating, Cutlery and Meal: Serving a candlelit dinner on basic crookeries can play at a disadvantage while setting up the table take out those stored away decorative plates and cutleries and utilize them and make sure to set the table up properly. The meal will vary from individual to individual but keeping the menu easy to eat can make it more romantic. (No one wants a messy burger for a candle light dinner)

Armed with the science and basics of setting up a candlelit dinner you are ready to make that big gesture! It is a nice and thoughtful gesture to organize a candlelight dinner for your loved ones. It can help you get closer to people you care for. Moreover, couples should often do such romantic activities to keep the spark alive. 

Once you’ve begun your candlelit dinner, relax and enjoy the evening. You’ve done something special for your partner, and he or she will appreciate your efforts. Have a wonderful time!


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